WATCH! For All Those Doubting the Encounter of 8 SIMI Terrorists, Here is the Proof!!!

For all Those Asking Proof of Encounter

Since yesterday, there has been a huge speculation by the so called secular parties who are claiming that the Bhopal encounter was fake and the state government misused the powers.

But here is the eye witness, the village sarpanch who recites the entire story of encounter.

According to village sarpanch MounSingh Meena the police had informed all the village heads about the escape of the 8 terrorists from Bhopal Central Jail in the morning and asked them to be alert and inform the police if they witness any unusual activities. Few villagers who were working in their fields noticed 4-5 people suspiciously moving in the banks of a river in outskirts of Bhopal and informed the sarpanch about it. The sarpanch called his friend Suraj Singh and asked him to bring a vehicle and decided to visit the area and confirm whether they were really the escaped terrorists from jail. While they approached the area, one terrorist came out of the water and signaled the others to come out. One after the other came out of water and the sarpanch got it confirmed that they are the terrorists and immediately informed the police.

The terrorists were trying to get into the village when the sarpanch told his friend to bring 10-12 villagers and followed them. The villagers started shouting trying to scare them, but the terrorists warned them to stay away and threatened them to shoot if they come closer. The terrorists were carrying few guns, sticks and had a back pack with them. The police arrived in 25-30 minutes and surrounded the area. They first started giving warning with mikes to surrender but the terrorists started shouting something in their language says the sarpanch. The police shot few round of fire in the air to scare them but the terrorists did not budge and continued to chant praising their organization. The terrorists were hiding on the up-hill and one of them started stoning and few policemen were hurt. In spite of warning he did not stop and the police took shots at him.

The other terrorists also started attacking them according to Bhopal police after which the police had to kill all the eight terrorists.

The villagers started chanting Slogans “POLICE ZINDABAD, ATANKWAD MURDABAD” and said “This is the true DIWALI since police have killed the terrorists and we feel very happy”

The villagers from almost 4-5 villages had gathered and were celebrating the killing of terrorists!

This is a slap on the face of all pseudo seculars and liberals who are speaking for terrorists and calling the encounter fake. Let them realise that no people will ever support those who speak in favor of terrorists!


Aishwarya S