WATCH! Are You an Egg Lover….You Need to be Careful!

Recently there has been a huge racket busted which is selling Fake Eggs in Kerala. These eggs are reportedly made of plastic and chemical materials which resembles the original eggs by all means.

These are are being sold in many super markets as well. The eggs have believed to have come from Tamil Nadu into Kerala and are being distributed to all of India from Idukki. The Fake Eggs are believed to be Product of CHINA which are being exported  in large quantities to India.

How to differentiate between Fake and Real Ones!

  • The eggs look similar from outside. So it’s hard to differentiate by its external appearance.
  • Fake eggs have a comparatively hard shell compared to real ones.
  • When you tap the shell the Fake eggs do not make CRISP sound as the real egg.
  • When touched the Fake eggs are comparatively, you feel it’s more rough than the real eggs.
  • Once the egg is broken the egg white and the yolk mixes very soon as they are made of same chemicals.
  • When cooked, the fake eggs white appears shiny and gives a plastic appearance.


The government has ordered an enquiry into the racket. Reports have also suggested that the Chinese eggs are being sold in many places and a huge mafia seems to have played a role.

According to Food Safety Commission, the shell is made of calcium carbonate while the yolk and egg white are made of Alum, gelatine, calcium chloride, water and artificial colourings. The Calcium chloride gets accumulated in liver and causes serious liver disease and benzoic acid can act as a carcinogen and causes brain damage.

The problem of Chinese FAKE EGGS has coaused huge problem in Thailand, Bangkok and Indonesia as well. The governments have taken serious action against the culprits and are planning to ban eggs from CHINA.

Looks like India also has to follow the same protocol to ban CHINESE EGGS which are posing huge threat to health!



Aishwarya S