Watch! Elections banned, no Mobiles, no Televisions, no freedom….this is the new Taliban place in Kerala

Just few weeks back, we heard a story where a town in West Bengal near Malda was completely converted into a Taliban state.

This small town which was known for communal Harmony between Hindus and Muslims and all other religions, today has become Intolerant towards the non-Muslim communities. All this started only after the Imam who settled in the town 10 years back. He started to introduce Sharia Laws slowly banning Muslims from speaking to other religion people, banned movies, television, western outfits and every possible entertainment in the town calling them anti-Islamic. He preached children not to go to Government School but instead ordered them to join Madarassa.

Slowly the city turned into a mini Taliban where freedom was no more the property of people, going out of the house was prohibited to ladies, talking to other men was prohibited, wearing bangles, make up was banned. Just in a matter of 8-10 years the entire town transformed into a Taliban ruled town.

But today a similar situation is seen in Kerala. A small town called Attikkad in Kerala which is dominated by Muslims are slowly transforming this place into a Taliban town. Here the mullas of the Muslim communities are the ones who make law, they do not follow Indian constitution or democracy. Police stations are non-functional and police officers have no value.

These mullas who were nearly non-existent a decade back, today have Increased in considerable numbers.

They have introduced Sharia laws and disowned the Constitution of India. The elections are also banned in the state. Mobiles, radios, televisions, movie theatres are all banned in this town.

Boys are not supposed to listen to Bollywood songs or watch movies, they are not supposed to wear western outfits, for girls the situation is more worst. Girls are not supposed to go to schools, they cannot step outside the house without covering themselves completely in black burkha. Girls of age 5 should also wear burkha. Women are prohibited from talking or seeing other men. They are not supposed to use mobiles or watch television. Taking photographs keeping pictures at home is completely prohibited.

Muslims are not allowed to talk or go to Hindu houses.

Polygamy and triple talaq are rampant in this town and women are not supposed to complain about it.

The town is being run completely by Sharia law and not by democracy.

What is shocking is, these mullas have taken control over all administration process in the town and are changing the laws to their benefits.

According to few locals, the main intention of the mullas is to make Kerala an Islamic State and introduce Sharia laws throughout the state.

Sadly the state government has given free hand to these people for the sake of votes and has failed to take any action against them.

Radicalization of  youths  and rampant conversions has turned out to be a major problem here. Youngsters are being lured with money to join ISIS fight in Syria and Afghanistan. Many people have gone missing from this town who are said to have joined ISIS training camps in other countries. People are made drug addicts and sent as suicide bombers to Afghanistan.

The recent incident of a forced conversion of a Hindu girl called Akhila in Ernakulam district of kerala sent shivers in the state. This girl was forcibly married to a Muslim boy and made drug addict. She was radicalized and was convinced to go to Afghanistan as a suicide bomber.

The Kerala high court few days back declared the marriage null and void and saved this girl from the clutches of Terrorists. Following the verdict, many Muslim organizations which are said to have terror links protested against the honorable courts and went to the extent of threatening the judges.

Bandh was called in the district and they tried to attack the judges entering the court and demanded the introduction of Sharia laws.

This is the real state of Kerala today where the radical groups have gone to the extent of threatening the courts. If these people are not controlled,  they will turn the state of Kerala into an ISIS state and kill democracy completely.


Aishwarya S