Watch! Even before forming government, Congress workers attack homes of people who voted for BJP, chant Pakistan Zindabad slogans in Mangalore, Karnataka!

Arrogance creeps in Congress and JDS even before they take oath!

It has not been a week since the BJP CM Yeddyurappa resigned and Congress-JDS decided to form the government. Kumaraswamy has still not taken an oath and Congress has not even come to power. But before anything, arrogance has creeped in Congress already and their real face has come out in open.

No matter how bad the Congress gets slapped by the people, their arrogant culture which has been the legacy of Gandhi-Nehru family cannot be wiped off. In spite of Congress and JDS not getting a mandate to form a government in Karnataka, they have decided to form government ignoring people’s anger and frustration.

Even before forming government, the Congress workers have shown their goon characters by attacking the houses of innocent people who voted for BJP. This incident was reported yesterday from coastal Karnataka, where a large number of Congress and JDs workers gathered to celebrate victory and started attacking the houses of Hindus who had apparently voted for BJP. Suddenly a group of men have entered the house of a Hindus and started attacking the family members. Three men and two women have said to have been injured in the attack. These goons have not spared women and children in the family and have thrown sticks and sharp objects at them. It is said that they started chanting derogatory slogans against PM Modi, Amit Shah and BS Yeddyurappa during their rally.

But the worst part was, some of the workers in Congress belonging to minority community have chanted Pro Pakistan slogans near the Congress office which has irked the local residents in Mangalore. It is said that R Lobo (EX-MLA) and Padmanabha Amin (Ex-corporator of the Mangaluru City Corporation) were present with the crowd when Pro Pakistan slogans were raised but did nothing to stop them.

A police complaint was filed against people who chanted Pro Pakistan slogans and case has been registered. Mangalore MP Nalin Kumar Katil said the police have become helpless and will not be allowed to take any action against the workers as they are closer to Congress-JD(S) combine. “The risk factor has doubled now as both JD(S) and Congress goons have joined forces against the majority community. But if the police do not take action, we will not sit quiet,” he said.

The Mangalore region saw highest number of Hindu activists murder in the last 5 years which showed what was the state of law and order under Siddaramaiah. The Congress government openly supported terror elements like PFI and withdrew all cases against them just before elections. Endless riots, violence and mass murders in the region had literally frustrated people who therefore gave a clean sweep to BJP in the last week elections. Many locals had expressed their desperation to throw Congress out of power for their appeasement politics.

But unfortunately, the same Congress is said to be coming to power which may turn things more worse than before. The Mangalore incident is just a trailer to show how the state will turn into Goonda raj in the next few months. These communal clashes have happened while there was prohibitory orders and sector 144 imposed in the many areas. This is enough to show how much Congress and JDs value the law and order.

We only wish, the Congress JDS will not turn the state into a Jihadi hub with their Double Combo Appeasement Politics allowing terror elements to flourish in the state! If not, it will be the end of Karnataka peaceful life and will have to witness murders, rapes and riots each day.

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