Watch! Have You Ever Seen a Bigger Liar than this Man in India???

“What would be the name of the party that you would be starting?” a television anchor asked Arvind Kejriwal in an interview. 
“People will decide it” said ‘The Kejriwal’! 
Kejriwal was such an ideal person who wanted everything to be decided by the people. He wanted to rebuild the true ideals of democracy by giving all the powers in the hands of the ‘common man’.
In the interview, he went on to say that Anna Hazare has given his consent for starting a party. He quoted Anna saying that the moment party gets into money – power struggle, Anna would disassociate from the party. He categorically said that the moment Anna leaves the party, I too will leave the party. Because, if the party gets into the same trap of money and power then there is no meaning for the existence of new party!
These were the words of the so called ‘moralist’ Arvind Kejriwal during his movement ‘India Against Corruption’ along with Anna Hazare, and other social activists like Kiran Bedi, Prashanth Bhushan and so on. But now no one is in the party or associated with the party externally. But Kejriwal is heading the party and is working hard to expand it to other states. Then the basic question is where is that moralist Arvind Kejriwal!?
People in Delhi with their surname Kejriwal shy away from telling it! Because, the moral man who would have been a matter of pride for the whole community, has become a subject of joke.
It has been quite long time since he disassociated with Anna Hazare. The Gandhian didn’t appreciate the idea of political party and went to his village to continue his social work and has been continuing with it. However, Kejriwal continued to take Anna’s name and called him as his ‘Guru’. This raised questions among the people that if Anna is still associated with Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).
When Arnab Goswami, the Editor – in – Chief of Times Now asked Anna Hazare directly about his association with AAP, he directly said that he is neither associated with the political party; nor he is interested in political activities. He categorically said “hamaara raastaa alag hogayaa” (our paths have been separated) and confirmed that he didn’t even have a conversation with Arvind after departing from their original path. He hasn’t even visited Arvind’s office.
Anna had raised very relevant questions before starting the party. He had raised the issue of difficulty in choosing good people for the party. When we see the number of legislators behind the bars in Delhi, Anna’s apprehensions become more significant.
AAP has also used huge amount of money from exchequer for the promotion of the party which was authenticated by the auditor. AAP is aggressively campaigning to grab the power in the States of Punjab and Goa. That clearly shows that AAP is behind money and power.
But Arvind Kejriwal is silent on all these things. He has not even offered his resignation by taking moral responsibility after the CAG report. Should anybody believe Arvind Kejriwal anymore? The people of Delhi are already repenting for choosing him as CM. Let the same thing not happen in other states too. Awake before you ruin.


Akshara Damle