Watch! Why every political party talks for Muslims and not for India, asks a young girl!

UP elections are around the corner, and all major political parties can be seen wooing the voters. The present scenario must be still about minority appeasement, or case based politics. Political parties can be seen making tall promises about rising of the downtrodden, especially the dalits and minority groups like Muslims.

But Beware! The young political audience is smarter than you think. Only recently, a young girl stood up during a prime news channel debate. Watch this video, in which she asks the political representatives, that-why every party is promising to do something for Muslim Community; why are they not talking about doing something about Bharat!!

What should this question mean for us?

This question clearly reflects the mood of the nation. It clearly shows how youth of India is not impressed by old tactics of politics-of what has been going on for many decades. It means that our future politics-cannot be taken for granted. Politicians, of today, cannot go about ranting about pro-Muslim, or pro-Dalit , and for that matter, even pro-region development.

The youth believes in UNIFIED India, and they know that only inclusive development means real growth. It is only when a political party will stand for the whole India, and then our nation will shine.

It is true that the downtrodden section of the society are not just Muslims, Dalits, Hindus, and cannot be classified on basis of caste, religion, community etc. The overall development of India will happen, if and only if, our politicians adopt a comprehensive approach. If India will develop, then only its people will make real economic benefit.

It is not that only certain community is poor; the truth is-poverty has no caste, religion, or community. This young girl has the modern-day sensibility to frame this question and raise it on a national platform. We salute her spirit and sentiment-to think INDIA and only DEVELOPMENT!  

During show #राजतिलक on AajTak, A Girl asked a very Tough question to speakers of all political parties which usually no one dares to ask, and That Question Left Everyone Speechless.

She asked: ‘सब अपने भाषण में कहते हैं वो मुसलमानों के लिए कुछ करना चाहते है पर कोई ये क्यों नही कहता कि भारत के लिए कुछ करना चाहते हैं?’

Here is the video:

Pooja Bhatia


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