Watch Exclusive! In this video Yasin Malik admitted to killing 4 Indian Air Force officers

In this video of Yasin Malik with the BBC, Yasin Malik makes some astonishing statements about killings and kidnappings carried out by his organisation the ‘Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front’.

Highlight of the interview –

Yasin Malik accepts that he was the pioneer of the armed struggle in Kashmir. Despite the interviewer, Tim Sebastian repeatedly asking him how many people had he personally ordered to be killed, Yasin Malik never gave a clear answer. He kept saying that he did participate in the armed struggle which is a clear enough indication that he did kill people.

Sebastian talks about an incident in January 1990 when four Indian Air Force personnel were gunned down while they were waiting at a bus stop for their families. Along with the four officers two women who were waiting at the bus stop were also killed. Yasin Malik openly justifies these killings by saying that at the same spot 24 hours earlier some civilians were killed by Indian security forces. He is the leader of the Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front which accepted responsibility of the killings of our air force men.

The BBC had removed this video from all its servers. But after almost two decades some people were able to access it.

Indian Air Force men were killed in broad daylight and Yasin Malik’s organisation accepted responsibility for it. Yet, the Congress government did nothing against Malik! Even his trial wasn’t carried out expeditiously in court.

Today, he roams about freely abusing the Indian republic and carrying out anti-national activities because the Congress government never did anything to bring Malik to task.

The sacrifice of our air force personnel went waste because the government at the centre didn’t have the guts to take any action against this man who claimed responsibility for it.

Jawaharlal Nehru was the cause of the Kashmir problem. But the blame cannot solely be laid on him. Successive Congress governments have aggravated the problem by mollycoddling these separatist militants. And now, these anti-nationals have become a force in Kashmir and have been successful in creating a large impact on the local populace.

Watch –

Vinayak Jain