WATCH! French Media Recognizes What Indian Media Will Never Show You!

In India, when it comes to international media, most of the people start thinking about CNN, BBC, and the Guardian. Libtards prefer the last two and hence, share their reports about India more than others. No doubt that most of the foreign media love showing India in a negative light, probably because these channels have hired leftist Indian journalists as their correspondents/reporters. But, there are few positive reports as well. Unfortunately, we rarely come across them.

In this article, let’s focus on some reports about Indian economy and PM Modi from France 24. This channel is also available in India via DTH as well as digital cable platforms.

How real is India’s growth?

The report starts with how the country has benefited due to reforms introduced by the Prime Minister. Plus, commodity and low oil prices during the last two years have also given a major boost to nation’s economy.

Since the start of 21st century, for the first time, India managed to outpace China’s growth under PM Modi’s leadership. In 2015, India’s GDP grew by 7.5 percent, greater than China’s 6.9 percent.

PM Modi was elected due to his pro-business policy promises as well as commitment to introduce sweeping changes in the economy.

France 24’s report highlights government’s decision to allow more than 50 percent FDI in Railways, decision to allow foreign investment in construction, and in coal mining as something worth appreciating. It points out minimum prices for food, problems in cement production, export, as well as GST issue as negative aspects.

India was facing policy paralysis during Dr. Singh’s rule

In order to get an expert opinion, France 24’s journalist interacted with Standard Chartered’s senior global economist Madhur Jha.

On being asked if people should give credit to PM Modi for triggering economic growth, she pointed out that the country was stuck in policy paralysis before Lok Sabha elections. After Modi took over, the government started introducing reforms. She also shared her opinion that Modi Government faces challenges in Parliament as it only enjoys a majority in Lower House. Thus, he is finding it difficult to pass big-bang reforms.

Drop in oil prices has benefited India by lowering inflationary pressure as well. The government pushed fuel subsidy cuts, reduced minimum support prices in agriculture, and other reforms to help improve the business environment.

Channel interacted with entrepreneurs from India

Lupin Ltd’s MD-Nilesh Gupta and Chief Executive-Vinita Gupta won EY Entrepreneurs of the Year award back in February this year. Vinita Gupta interacted with France 24 News and shared her opinion about factors that helped their company.

She pointed out that India is their second growth driver. PM Modi is creating a business-friendly environment in the country. Gupta pointed out that making investment outside India has become easy because of simplified regulatory approvals. Creating partnerships and joint ventures has also become simple due to reforms introduced by the government.

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