Watch! After Hafiz Saeed, check who is openly praising Barkha Dutt now!

Barkha Dutt is one of the most talked journalists in the present era. But not by Indians, but mostly Pakistanis and terrorists.

Due to her stand against army and India she has earned anti National tag many years back.  She has lived up to the expectoration of Pakistanis and terrorists supporting people like Burhan Wani and calling him innocent. She speaks for those people who attack our army and chant Azadi slogans in the Indian soil but not once has she questioned the Pakistani sponsored terrorism in Kashmir.

She was one person who had blamed the Kashmiri Pansits for violence in the valley. These so called journos have no shame to take stand against India and support a country which is running a proxy war against India.

Due to her open support to terrorists, she was openly praised by the most wanted terrorists of the world Hafiz Saeed. She did not  even rebut his words for once, but silently accepted what he said. Now why would a terrorist praise a person without reason?! This was indeed a disaster of the Indian journalism that they got praised for their work by a terrorist!

Just few months after this incident, now another person has come out in open to praise Barkha Dutt. He is another Pakistani who raged war against India…Pervez Musharraf! Yes, this time the ex-military chief of Pakistan is seen praising Barkha Dutt openly on a TV channel.

During an interview of Pervez Musharraf with Rahul Kanhwal, the journo made a point that “Why was Pakistan provoking India time and again, when they know they can never win the battle” He quoted the instance of Bangladesh liberation when Indian army had literally chased away the Pakistanis.

But immediately Pervez Musharraf quoted a book written by Barkha Dutt, apparently in which she has degraded the Indian Army and praised the Pakistan army. He kept advising Rahul Kanwal to read Barkha Dutt’s books and praised her for writing it.

Now, why would she write such a book praising Pakistan? The world knows what happened in 1948, 1965, 1971, 1999 wars as to how Pakistan was shown its place. In such case, why has Barkha Dutt made an attempt to praise Pakistani army if she had no intentions?

These incidents are enough to show what exactly is her motive and what she is planning.

Aishwarya S