Watch! What happened to Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir is now happening to Hindu tribes in Meghalaya!

Its become a common practice these days to see Hindus in Kashmir, kerala and West Bengal facing serious threat to life and being denied their rights. These states which had 80% Hindu population just 50 years back, today have less than 20% Hindu population. We never saw any communal tensions or riots when the Hindus were in majority. But ironically as the percentage of secular communities increased, the tension, riots, violence also saw a surge in these areas. But this disease has now started to spread to other parts of the country apart from Kashmir, West Bengal and kerala.

The reason why this fact was highlighted because, just couple days back, there was a shocking incident which no main stream media had the spine to talk about. The incident occurred in Meghalaya where the Hindu tribes were denied permission to perform last rights of their dead people. Yes, this has become new law in Meghalaya where the Hindu tribes cannot perform their rituals. The District Commissioner of the place is against the Hindus and has provided no support for these people. The Hindu tribes went on a massive strike, which became a big news in Meghalaya.

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Hindus (Khasi Tribals) are denied of their Freedom of Rights in Meghalaya . They were not allowed to perform Last Rituals of a Dead Just because they were Hindus. Tolerance?

تم النشر بواسطة ‏‎Girish Bharadwaj‎‏ في 20 أغسطس، 2017

One may wonder what is the real reason for this attitude in Meghalaya. Answer is Christian Missionaries. The massive conversion by Christian missionaries has turned Meghalaya into a Christian dominated state. According to 2017 census, Meghalaya has around 83% Christians, 11% Hindus, 4% Muslims and 0.4% Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains.

The ethnic groups of Meghalaya are mostly tribal population namely Khasi, Garo, Hajong. But most of the Khasi and Garo people today consider themselves as Christians after they were converted. So basically, the official religion in Meghalaya is Christianity and most of the government institutions are run by Christianity. The government even considers to declare Meghalaya as a Christian state. The state has huge influence of West and Christian missionaries have monopolized the state and have influence over government. Shocking part is, the Chinese have huge control over Christian missionaries and naxals in this area and influence many decisions of the state.

Earlier, the Hindu tribals had the freedom of performing their customs and traditions without fear of Christians or government, but since few years, the government and the missionaries have started to oppose the Hindu traditions and have declared them illegal in Meghalaya. These Hindu tribes have lost their identity due to mass scale conversions and have become minority in their natives. They have no support from government, no support from people and are treated untouchables.

As Indians, these tribes have every right to follow their traditions and customs. The 6th schedule of the Indian constitution states that the interest of these people must be protected. It is the basic right of every individual to practice his tradition according to his will.

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But today these people are being targeted by Christian Missionaries to wipe out the Hindu tribal population in the area. The missionaries have been relentlessly harassing these people denying their basic rights in the state. The missionaries are targeting the native languages of the Khasi tribes and forcing English language upon them. Earlier many schools in Meghalaya taught in khasi and Garo languages, but today you will hardly find people using these languages and all the schools teaching in local languages have been shut down.

This brutal incident was reported in Shillong Times and other local newspapers, but the main stream media completely ignored as the news did not favour the pseudo secular channels and politicians.

What is happening in Meghalaya is nothing but a silent ethnic cleansing that happened in Kashmir 27 years ago. If the same trend continues, Meghalaya will not have a trace of its ethnic culture and tradition in next 5 years.

When Kashmiri Pandits were attacked in 1990, the government never realized the implications and continued its vote bank politics and supported terrorists and the result is what we see today in Kashmir. The state which was once like heaven today has tuned to be a terrorists hub with Pakistani killing our soldiers every day. There would not be any surprise, if Meghalaya will fall prey in the hands of China one day!!!

Aishwarya S