WATCH What Home Minister Rajnath Singh Warned Pakistan if They Play on Religious Lines!

On Sunday, 11th December, Home Minister Mr Rajnath Singh warned Pakistan to shred it into ten parts if it doesn’t stop its despicable act of conspiring a divide in India on religious lines. The Home Minister was addressing a gathering in Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir on the occasion of Martyrs’ Day Program (Shahid Diwas). In his dynamic speech, he warned Pakistan that it was leading towards Self-Destruction by harboring and nurturing Terrorism.

Rajnath Singh paid a heartfelt tribute to the Martyrs of our Indian Army and thanked them for protecting the Shining Crown of India, Kashmir from the enemies. He congratulated BJP Minister Mr Choudhary Lal Singh for Celebrating Martyrs’ day on a grand scale from last 17 years!

Friends can be changed, but not neighbors, said Rajnath Singh. Since the days of Partition, India has always extended a hand of friendship towards Pakistan. India has never attacked any neighbor country for extending its boundaries. But Pakistan had exhibited its greed for extending its boundaries within a couple of months of its formation when their citizens were still recuperating from the disruptions due to partition.

Pakistan has attacked India for four times in the past. Every time, our Defence Forces have brought glorious victories for India and have inflicted humiliating surrenders and defeats on Pakistan. After failing miserably in wars, Pakistan adopted cowardly methods of Terrorism to capture Kashmir. They attempted radicalizing the young Muslims of Kashmir by sowing the poisonous seeds of religious hatred in their tender minds. But radicalization method has failed in India as Indian Muslims want peace and prosperity for their future generations.

Time and again, the attempts to join friendly hands with Pakistan for the development of both the countries , dialogue for peace and end of terrorism have failed. Instead, they have showered on us the attacks of Gurdaspur, Pathankot ,Uri etc. The fact of the matter is Pakistan Government is a puppet in the hands of Pakistan Army and Terrorist Organizations.

When HM Rajnath Singh had gone to participate in SAARC Interior Ministers’ Conference in Islamabad in August, 2016, there were many protests against HM Rajnath Singh conducted openly by Hafiz Saeed , the globally wanted Terrorist .Pakistan Government has no control on these Terrorist Organizations. During the Conference, Rajnath Singh had bluntly condemned Terrorism and Pakistan’s submissive stand on Terrorism in his speech. But no media was allowed to cover his speech. Such was the hospitality showered by Pakistan towards our HM.

Martyrdom is the epitome of bravery. Terrorism is the epitome of cowardice. Rajnath Singh advised all the youth of Kashmir to take inspirations from the sacrifices of freedom fighters like Ashfaqulla Khan who was hanged by British at a very young age. Demonetization is ridiculed by a few as Sterilization. HM Singh humorously agreed that it was indeed sterilization for Terrorists, Maoists, Separatists and black money holders whose ‘funding’ nerve has been cut due to Demonetization.

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi while commenting on HM Rajnath Sigh’s speech , said that it was actually HM and his ‘Boss’ (PM Modi) who were dividing Indians on religious lines. Opposition leaders have always stood with Pakistan for the sake of opposing Modi Govt. Congress has always played ‘Vote-bank’ Politics by appeasing Muslims. Congress has invented and globalised the word’ Saffron Terror’ to shift  the blame of 29/11 Mumbai attacks on RSS and save Pakistan terrorists .Congress Leaders have spoken the language of Pakistan on the historic Surgical strike too.

 Watch the video of HM Rajnath Singh’s full address in Kathua.

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi