Watch how BJP MP Hukumdev Yadav humorously unmasks Congress over their ‘Mob Lynching’ Bigotry!

His rocking speeches at Parliament are a matter of Pride for BJP, a Dread for Opposition and a Treat for Indians! Yesterday, BJP MP Hukumdev Yadav delivered yet another electrifying speech that shook the parliament with riotous laughter and applause while it made the Congress MPs look like they had swallowed a bitter pill! The ‘Mob Lynching’ muck of Opposition in this Monsoon Season of Parliament was flushed out thoroughly by Hukumdev Yadav’s one fiery speech.

Congress is selective about the outrage over Mob Lynching. These vulture politicos relish only Muslim dead bodies. Hindu corpses are tasteless for them as they can’t do the Communal tempering to defame BJP there. Hence hundreds of Hindu murders in Kerala, West Bengal are shrugged off while one Muslim Lynching is globalized world-wide to paint India under Modi Government as Intolerant towards Minorities.

Since last month, Junaid has presided over Akhlaq. It’s the tragedy of our Muslim brothers to come handy for the vulture politics of the Opposition Parties by their unfortunate but opportune deaths. Modi Government has been miserly towards the Opposition Parties in comparison with UPA Government which had generously supplied the opposition with variety in outrage…2G Scam, Commonwealth Games Scam, Coal scam, Augusta Westland Scam, Adarsh Scam and so on and on and on! Hence the Opposition is harping on the same old Intolerance and Mob Lynching just like Kejriwal is clutching to EVM machines! Hukumdev Yadav brutally thrashed their fake agenda by exposing them of their bigotry in the issue.

Hukumdev Yadav asked Congress why they can’t protest for all mob lynching cases irrespective of Hindu/Muslim victims. The train seat row was twisted into beef row as soon as the victim turned out to be a Muslim. Communal tempering was done by Intolerance politicos to spice up the issue! Award wapsi gang started trotting around. Akhlaq scene was re-enacted for Junaid. Same old same old! The heavy usage of this secret weapon has made it too blunt to cut their stale beef to size!

Mr Yadav humorously said that the Demon ‘Kalanemi’ was prominently present in the Indian Politics and carried out his evil deeds in the guise of saints to create unrest in the country to defame Modi Government. When the opposition was rattled by this statement, he taunted them that he had named no names! He advised the Congress Lok Sabha Leader Mallikarjun Kharge to stop doubting the intentions of Modi Government as PM Modi has condemned such lynching and has promised action against the culprits time and again. State Government should be primarily held responsible in such lapses in Law and Order situation and not the Central Government.

Why does the Opposition get cold feet to protest against DSP Ayub Pandit’s mob lynching in Srinagar? Was it because the culprits were Muslims? He challenged the peddlers of Intolerance. Isn’t Stone pelting at our Army amount to ‘Mob Lynching’? There are some politicians in Opposition who call these terrorist supporters as ‘Freedom fighters’! Some politicians even approach and appeal Naxalites to cast their votes in his favor. Isn’t it an invitation for mob lynching?

Mr Yadav narrated the Intolerance stories in his constituency where Muslim mob stopped the processions of school children and devotees on the occasions of Saraswati Puja, Ram Navmi,  Mahavir puja etc. Usage of public roads was prohibited by minorities in the village. Is this attack on the religious freedom of Hindus any less than mob lynching? Would the Intolerance Peddlers form a committee to address the atrocities towards Hindus in India?

Every day, the Minority appeasement politicos like Mamata Banerjee, Arvind Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi and Mulayam Singh Yadav wear burkha/ skull cap and perform namaz, iftar etc. No Hindu outrage has ever taken place over this. But Firoz Ahmad, Bihar Minister from JDU was issued Fatwa by a Maulana for chanting ‘Jai Shri Ram’. Not just that, he was threatened that his marriage would be declared null as the punishment for his mistake. He had to apologize in public for his sin. Mr Yadav asked the Intolerance Brigade if this lawlessness was any less than mob lynching.

Today, fanatic Maulvis and Politicians like Owasi are hinting Muslim kinfolks to refrain from chanting ‘Bharat Mata ki jai’ and sing our National song ‘Vande Mataram’. These so called representatives of Muslims call these patriotic slogans and songs as anti-Islam. In the past, our Muslim freedom fighters had proudly sung the patriotic chants and slogans. Were they any less Muslim? This gradual transition into anarchy is a threat to the national security. Is this any less than Intolerance?

Mr Yadav recalled how the Batla House Encounter (2008) was debated in support of the Mujahiddin Terrorists by some eminent politicians. (Read Sonia and Congress). While the entire country was proud of our Delhi Police, they were criticized and targeted by these politicos. Showing solidarity with Terror outfits and question the integrity of our Police/ Armed Forces any less than Mob Lynching?

Mr Yadav spells what is ‘Intolerance’ by explaining how Ram Manohar Lohia and Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya were murdered soon after they joined hands to destabilize Congress Rule! Their elimination in 1967, 1968 respectively had proved timely for Congress!

Lastly, Hukumdev Yadav took a jibe at Fake Gandhi Dynasty that he too belonged to the family of freedom fighters. The fake Gandhis are enjoying all the privileges though they had nothing to do anything with Freedom struggle directly. Hukumdev Yadav’s political journey hasn’t been smooth like our fake Gandhi Prince Rahul aka Pappu. Starting from Panchayat in 1967, he has climbed the political ladder moving up at District level, State level and now at national level, he is 5th   Term Loksabha MP representing Madhubani constituency of Bihar. One of the finest orators of BJP and one of the most experienced politicians, Hukumdev Yadav is definitely one of the underrated ministers of BJP!

Here is the link to Hukumdev Yadav’s speech at Parliament that shook Congress and other Opposition parties. Watch and enjoy!


Jyothi Suparna Chincholi