Watch!!! Nidhi Razdan exposed by a British MP on a TV show! To save her face do you know what she did?

The pseudo-secular journalists in India, are often seen questioning the Modi Government. They have not been able to move beyond 2002, and despite the Supreme Court’s clean chit to Narendra Modi, news brokers continue to question him. While the Indian Prime Minister is already the most popular global leader (to hell with the Time reader poll), even pseudo liberals bank on PM Modi for keeping their viewership alive.

NDTV (I don’t understand why the channel still exists) is one channel that always provokes Indian sentiments. Barkha Dutt & Rajdeep Sardesai are NDTV products, the 2 news brokers that carried out a malicious campaign against PM Modi in 2002 and thereafter. Now that both the journalists have left, it is up to the other ‘dalals’ in the channel to take the front seat.

NDTV’s Nidhi Razdan was in the news for asking BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra to leave her show. Razdan could not absorb the fact that Patra had hit out on the Channel’s dual standards, on live television. We take you back to another debate where Razdan (or Abdullah) tried asking manipulative questions, but was given a ‘democratic’ lesson on live television.

Razdan tried putting forth the same ‘Modi-2002’ narrative and was given an apt reply by a British MP.

And yes, this is NDTV, not a “glorified version of Doordarshan.”

Alok Shetty**