WATCH! Who Was the Indian Behind Trump’s Victory???

Indians all around the world supported Donald Trump more than Hillary Clinton in the recent presidential race. But there was one Indian who converted his desire for a Trump-victory into tangible efforts that actually helped Trump win.

Avinash Iragavarapu from Rajahmundry had quit his job to work as a political analyst for the YSR Congress during the 2014 polls. He was on a visit to Arizona when he took interest in American politics. His first stint as a poll analyst & advisor was working for Doug Doucey & helping him become the governor of Arizona. He quickly graduated into working for the Trump campaign for the state in the presidential race.

In this interview he talks about Donald Trump & other aspects of his work –

  • Why did Trump win?

According to Avinash, generally after 8 years of rule of a party people desire change, & for the last 8 years Democrats were in power. People wanted a non-politician to come to power. Americans feel that a successful businessman can run a successful government which helped Trump’s chances of victory. Also Hillary was surrounded by controversies.

  • Image of Trump in comparison to Obama

Avinash says both are unique in their own styles, & it wouldn’t be fit to compare them. Both have won clear elections & have been elected by the people.

  • Win was due to polarisation

He said that all sections of the society voted & that is why Trump won. No one can win if only a particular section votes. If only a particular section voted for Trump then he wouldn’t have crossed the 140-mark, but he cleared the magic number very comfortably.

He also said that the same polarisation comment was made when Narendra Modi had won the 2014 elections.

  • On Trump’s tall promises

Avinash understands that people have a lot of expectations from Trump, but each promise takes its own time to fulfil. When it comes to economic changes the result will be seen in around 2-3 years time as making drastic economic changes in months’ time isn’t possible. But promises made on countering terrorism will move ahead faster & within 6-8 months people will see action.



Vinayak Jain


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