Watch! Kashmir, Punjab, Hyderabad, Telangana, Goa and Northeast illegally occupied by India says Arundhati Roy!

When we see the so called intellectuals, activists relentlessly ranting against India, it makes one wonder how are these people still allowed to live in this Nation.

The only answer is appeasement politics which the Congress taught to this country. Today it is the same appeasement which is drowning India into a bottom less pit. One should realise that the biggest threat to India are not terrorists but it is the pseudo human rights activists and secular parties who are creating an environment to breed and protect terrorists. One such person is Arundhati Roy. The lady who calls herself a writer, journalist and human right activist has been supporting terrorists since decades.

She has constantly been an India hater who is maligning India in the global platform in the name of liberalism and human rights. Recently she gave a statement to the Pakiatan newspaper saying that “Even if 70 lakh Indian army men are deployed, they cannot stop the fight for azadi in Kashmir.”

70 lakh Indian Army cannot defeat Azadi gang in Kashmir: Arundhati Roy gives statement to Pakistani newspaper!

Firstly she should have been jailed for life without further questioning. But we have allowed her to stay in India giving all freedom to rant against own country. Now the same lady has gone further to say that the states Jammu Kashmir, Punjab, Telangana, Hyderabad, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland and Goa doesn’t belong to India. She has said that Indian state has been raging war against the people of these states and said they were forcefully occupied by India.

She goes to say, Indian army has been attacking and raging war on its own people deploying army to kill innocents in Kashmir unlike Pakistan which has never deployed Army to fight against their own people. She has indirectly said that Pakistan is truly democratic than India.

She said that Hindus want to dominate in India and the upper caste are mainly responsible for atrocities against innocents in the Kashmir valley.

Now, analyze yourself whether such mindless morons should be called  intellectuals or activists or even Indians?! If it was in any other country, Arundhati Roy would have been hanged by now for her anti National stand and encouraging terrorism in state and supporting a terror country against own nation.

But we are still tolerating such nonsense, if not we will be termed intolerant! She was the same person who spoke about intolerance two years back maligning the image of India with fake news.

External enemies do not pose threat to India, but it is these traitors within the country who are the biggest threat to National security. They are the termites who are destabilizing the internal democracy in the name of freedom of Speech.

India can never see peace in Kashmir until weeds like Arundhati Roy are removed. She is not just a traitor but an ideological terrorist who is polluting the minds of youths in Kashmir. She is no less than any terrorists like Burhan Wani or Hafiz Saeed who want to destroy India and convert it into an Islamic territory.

If these people are not thrown behind bars, they will one day cause big harm to Nation which will destroy the entire country.


Aishwarya S