Watch! Kerala Police Asks Gang Rape Victim “Which Rapists Gave You More Pleasure?”

Growing lawlessness in Kerala reaches new heights. A women was allegedly raped by her husband’s friend, had approached the police and lodged a complaint. What happened next was nightmare to the victim. Instead of the police helping the victim, she ended by being harassed by the local police. Police forced the victim to withdraw the complaint she lodged by asking humiliating questions like, “Which one of them gave you the greatest pleasure?”

Women who spoke to the press in the capital Thiruvananthapuram said, “Far more than rape, it was the police threats and humiliation that was unbearable”

The incident occurred 2 years back when her husband was away. Her husband’s friends took this opportunity and lied to her that her husband was hospitalized. They told her to come with them to the hospital and ended up taking her to a secluded house in outskirts of the city where they raped her taking turns and even recording the assaults. She was later threatened by the assaulters that they would make the video public if she dares to tell anybody about the incident and her both children would be killed. Victim after many months after the incident told her husband who asked her to lodge a complaint to the police.

“I was called to the police station for four days continuously and made to sit there from morning to evening. I was asked humiliating questions,” she said. “They later gave me a letter to produce before the magistrate and forced me to withdraw the case. They made me sign papers but I don’t know what was in it.”, the victim said to the press.

The whole incident came into focus only when the victim and her husband had approached dubbing artist and activist Bhagya Lakshmi, who had shared this incident on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/bhagya.lakshmi.92560/posts/1344893762190425 which went viral.

“Answering the questions of the police was a mental rape for me,” the woman is quoted in the post. “May be they tortured me mentally because they knew that I had no evidence. It was good that Nirbhaya, Jisha and Soumya died or else they would have tortured them like the Suryanelli girl was with inappropriate questions for the last 16 years.”, the victim said to the press.

One of the accused turns out to be a CPI(M) municipal councilor, which has enraged the public on police handling the situation which is under the govt. of Kerala led by CPI(M). The CM of the state Pinarayi Vijayan has contacted the activist after the post went viral and has promised action. The govt. is already facing public furor over its killing of Street dogs, various political murders of opposition parties, etc.


Shridhar Iyer