Watch! The Man Who Issued a Fatwa against PM Modi, now calls BJP spokesperson “BEHENCH**D” in Live News Debate

An Imam who offered special prayers for the world’s most dreaded terrorist in 2011. Do I still need to introduce this Islamic fanatic? Maulana Nurur Rehman Barkati is considered to be the Rakhi brother of Momota Didi. More famous, for issuing a Fatwa against our Prime Minister, Barkati has made several controversial comments in the past. Recently in a television news debate, Barkati crossed all limits when he abused a BJP spokesperson.

This happened during a TV debate when Barkati lost his cool (mainstream media’s language) & went on to verbally abuse BJP spokesperson Prem Shukla. Debates are held to discuss problems. But Barkati created problems when he decided to go all out & exhibit his colourful diction to the world. When a panellist gets abusive, it clearly shows that he is running short of points. Barkati had nothing to say, so the best method that came to his mind was to hurl abuses at a co-panellist and sound like a true fanatic.

He has no credible follower left & after the Fatwa was issued against the PM he should have been put behind bars. But as always, using political might Jihadi Didi shielded him & suppressed the paid media. For once, you may not believe your ears. It’s not a movie clip. This is the hard reality of religious fanaticism in India.


Alok Shetty