Watch! This Man Says “We will Enter the Parliament and KILL Narendra Modi and Other MPs”!

Imagine if these words were said in America or Russia, he would have probably been in jail by now. But since this is India we are asked to TOLERATE such nonsense, or they would term as INTOLERANT! We have to tolerate those people who in our country hold Pakistani flags, we have to tolerate those people who burn our National Flag, who oppose to sing National Anthem, Why….. because we are SECULAR NATION!!

Not one news channel covered this sham, nor did anyone question his brazen act. Where are the so called secular journalists, who give speeches on tolerance? Where are those secular party leaders? The India Today anchor, Rajdeep Sardesai who rants that Modi supporters divide people on communal agenda should see this video and decide who is spreading hate and violence.

This man Salim Ahmed belongs to Muradabad in UP, Cleric of the Babri Masjid Action Committee (BMAC). He, in the speech has dared the Chief Minister of UP Akhilesh Yadav and his father Mulayam Singh Yadav to take actions against Hindus, or they will storm into the assembly and break them into pieces like chairs and tables. What is even more heinous is, he says that the day his Mujahideen enters Delhi, they will enter the Parliament and KILL the Prime Minister and will not spare any MP-MLA’s.

He says he will break India into 1000 parts and he is not afraid of anything. He claims that he has the capacity to buy any weapons and doesn’t care for this country. Shamelessly he says his religion people do not believe in peace and they are not peace keepers, but are true Islamic followers and will kill everyone.

Now, the only question is how can this person dare to say that he will destroy the Parliament?! How dare does he say he will kill the democratically elected Prime Minister of the country?? Probably this is the biggest irony of our country that the Law doesn’t act against such people. He should have been arrested and sentenced for life not just spreading hatred, but for threatening to kill the Prime Minister of the country. No country would have tolerated such an heinous act, but again we are so TOLERANT that we accept terrorist also as our citizens…so we have left him free even after 2 years after he made the comment!

Nobody would admire our tolerance, but will mock our foolishness!!!


Aishwarya S



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