Watch massive expose! Who is the new ‘PRESSTITUTE SLAVE’ NDTV’s Ravish Kumar is feeding to help his terrorist friends?!

There was a time when most of the Indian population depended on TV and newspapers to get news and updates. They believed what was said on TV was true and never bothered to question or even analyse the facts. Politicians used these media houses to hide all their corrupt activities with all their power and fooled the Nation for decades.

Scams, corruptions, loot and every illegal and criminal activities of the politicians were hidden for years and even decades. The media which was suppose to progress with an intention to help people know the truth and expose criminals and corrupts, joined hands with them to secure their positions, get recognitions, free awards and what not!

After 60 years, if there is any corrupt house after politics, it is the media! But today, the situation is definitely not the same and the biggest threat the main stream media faces is by Social Media! Yes, many so called journalists who believed that they can rant anything and no one can ever stop them or question them are rattled about Social media warriors who are literally exposing these journalists openly without fear.

It is very well known that the only target for these anti National media houses is Narendra Modi, BJP and RSS. Narendra Modi who knew the real agenda of many media houses took his political fight to the social media in 2014 which literally destroyed the main stream media. This was deliberately done to counter the fake narrative of the main stream media which was misleading the entire country for decades.

Many nationalists took Facebook, Twitter and news portals to expose these ill intended Journalists. In a span of 1-2 years, the entire main stream media lost relevance to social media and online newsportals.

But the game starts here…..The so called journalists who never bothered about Social media until then, also realised they were losing and took the same route to counter Nationalists. They call their new idea MoJo which is nothing but Mobile Journalism. These people with the help of journalists, politicians and corporate houses have started numerous online news portals like The Wire, Quint, Print, Alt News (Alternate News) and claim that they bust fake stories propagated by Nationalists and Right Wingers.

Their main idea is not about news or updates, but to attack right wing news portals which have been successful in exposing their nexus with politicians, criminals and even terrorists!!!

Now, Alt News which was started few months back claim they expose right wingers…..but how many of them know who is the OWNER of this portal and what is their connection with anti Nationals?!

Alt News is run by a person called Pratik Sinha, the son of Late Mukul Sinha. This person Mukal Sinha was a lawyer for a person called Javed Sheikh.

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Pratik Sinha

Do you know who is Javed Sheikh???

Javed  Ghulam Sheikh was one of the dreaded terrorist who was killed along with Ishrat Jahan in 2004 Gujarat encounter. The same person who was assigned to kill the then Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi. Mukul Sinha fought for these terrorists in court arguing they are innocent and instead wanted PM Modi and honest police officers who encountered them to go to jail.

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Now, his son Pratik Sinha has taken the charge to save terrorists and anti nationals through his Alt News. This portal is being promoted by none other than NDTV journo Ravish Kumar and all congress members like Shashi Tharoor, Digvijay Singh, Brajesh Kalappa and many others. Why?? Because their only agenda is to attack National voices!!! Ravish Kumar who promotes Alt News and claims to expose right wingers, never speaks about his own brother who was jailed for running sex racket along with Congress workers in Bihar. He doesn’t speak about his sister who was caught in massive corruption and was suspended from govt job.

Will Ravish Kumar tell the people of the country who was Pratik Sinha’s father? Or who was Javed Sheikh and why he fought for him?

Let’s talk about The Wire which is leading the campaign to attack right wing portals. Who is the owner?? Answer is MK Venu, this man was in the Rajya Sabha TV and is a best friend of Hamid Ansari.  Another person is Siddharth Varadarajan who is an American citizen and known for his support to anti National elements. His wife Nandini Sundar is booked for killing tribal people with her naxal and Maoist links. This same man compared our Army chief to General Dyer who was responsible for the Jallianwala bagh Massacre.

These people should be called moral Journalists???

Barkha Dutt started MoJo along with a man called Noman Siddique. It is said this man has made huge investment for MoJo. But do you know who is this person?

This was the same person who supported Afzal Guru and wanted PM Modi to be HANGED!!!This was again exposed on Social media.

Some journalists have turned no less than any anti Nationals supporting terrorist who go to an extent of calling them innocent, misguided youths and even take interviews and make them sit in National television. This is exactly why these lutyens mafia wants right wing websites who are exposing their real face to be attacked. The social media has caused extinction crisis for these journalists which has turned hurdle in their money making business.


Very Important Video – Exposing Alt News and Digital Media Agency which suddenly transferred from Mainstream Media. Very Sensitive Information. Thanks to Suresh Nakhua ji.

Posted by Abhishek Singh on Sonntag, 10. September 2017

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