Watch! Massive expose of Indira Canteen, Know where is your food coming from!

The much debated Indira canteen was inaugurated by Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on August 16th, giving it much hype and publicity. However, the Indira Canteen has been in news for all wrong reasons from the time it was announced. The government of Karnataka  in order to impress the Nehru dynasty, occupied prime places in the city destroying century old trees and historic buildings to set up Indira Canteens.

In just a span of three months, the government sanctioned money and started the canteen without proper planning just to impress people before the elections. The model was nothing new and was a remake of the Amma Canteen in Tamil Nadu, started by Late CM Jayalalitha. The only difference was that the Jayalalitha took the Amma Canteen extremely serious and made sure it was properly implemented. It was a huge success in terms of rates, hygiene and cleanliness. This project even got Jayalalitha unprecedented appreciation and support from people.

But what happened in Karnataka was a miserable show of Siddaramaiah’s political gimmicks and exposed how an important project can go to muds if not implemented correctly.

Today, the Public Tv Kannada made a shocking expose of the Indira Canteen in which they showed the food being supplied to the canteen was being prepared in highly unhygienic condition in a marriage hall. The food prepared was being supplied in plastic drums used for filling water. The more shocking news is that the people who took the incharge for preparing food were not the ones who got the tender but were contractors.

The tender was won by a company which was suppose to supply food for Indira Canteen, but for some unknown reason the company has still not started to supply food and insted some contractors have been given incharge of food supply. The contractors named Madhu Gowda and Sommanna are now supplying low quality food prepared in completely unhygienic conditions to Indira Canteen.

It has also come to light that the lunch supplied to Indira Canteen yesterday was left over food from a marriage.The pulav and karabath was actually sent to Indira canteen from a marriage and it was almost spoilt.

The moment Public TV crew exposed the reality of Indira Canteen, the two contractors started attacking the Public TV reporters and snatched their camera and mobile phones and demanded them to leave the place immediately. When the reporters questioned if they have official permission letter to supply food for Indira Canteen, they arrogantly replied it was none of their business to question them.  The Public TV even exposed as to how the food was being carried in a goods autos without taking precautions and giving importance to cleanliness.

If the food was being prepared correctly, then why did the contractors oppose the Public TV from taking videos and indulged in hooliganism???

This expose only shows that Congress government is not serious about Indira Canteen and its only a political gimmick to garner few votes and impress the dynasty. It was also fairly visible how Rahul Gandhi came totally unprepared and referred Indira canteen as AMMA canteen, not once but twice embarrassing himself again.

If government only wants to do publicity stunts then why not act in some movies instead of playing with the lives of innocent people providing unhygienic food.

Aishwarya S