Watch! ‘Main, Rahul Gandhi se ek saal chota hoon’ Yogi Adityanath takes a jibe at RaGa in his farewell speech in Parliament!

The newly elected Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath addressed the lower house on Tuesday. Yogi Adityanath described PM Modi as a global icon & said the last 3 years had been great for the country. He further added that the party was only focussed on its development agenda. In what might be his farewell speech in the Lok Sabha, Yogi heaped praise on PM Modi describing him as an inspiration for others to emulate. He highlighted the fact that the country was in dire straits during the UPA regime & it was the Modi Government had made so much progress in little time.

Yogi Adityanath was happy with the way in which India had emerged in the past couple of years & was now ready to take on the world. He also said that India had set a democratic example for the world to notice. The GDP growth rate which had come down during Manmohan Singh’s tenure, had improved under Modi’s leadership. He also spoke about the various initiatives that had been successfully implemented. ‘25 new Bank accounts had been created for the poor.’ The UP CM said that we are not into appeasement, but we work for all. ‘Earlier Governments only spoke about working for the poor & downtrodden, but never did anything.’ He said that had worked a lot for the progress of everyone & would successfully the slogan of “Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas.”

Women empowerment was one of the key issues discussed in the speech. Women from villages were not dependent on firewood anymore. They now had LPG connections. He further said that even kids were suffering due to lack of hygiene in rural areas. 90% of these kids were from the minorities & backward castes, but the opposition was not interested in speaking about such core issues.

Yogi also spoke about his own term as an MP in Gorakhpur. He said Gorakhpur had developed after he had taken over. ‘The central Government had allotted more than 1,00,000 Cr for the development of UP, but hardly 20% of the amount was used.’ He said that he would see to it that every penny would be utilised only for the progress of Uttar Pradesh. Adityanath also said that their politics had always been inclusive & they would leave no stone unturned in transforming Uttar Pradesh to “Uttam Pradesh.”

Adityanath recalled a conversation with a Sikh MP during his first term. The Sikh had asked Yoginath if he was from Gorakhpur. When Adityanath replied in the affirmative, he repeatedly persisted with the same question. Later the MP told him that he had been to Gorakhpur once & he could hear the sound of blasts from both sides. The Sikh MP further said that he had no intentions of ever coming back to the place again. Yogi said that since then the perception about the place has completely changed.

Adityanath took a dig at congress vice president Rahul Gandhi and SP Chief Akhilesh Yadav during his unscheduled farewell speech. The MP’s also witnessed an epic moment when Adityanath said that he was one year younger than Rahul Gandhi & one year older than AkhileshYadav. He said that this could probably be the reason for his ‘success’ in state politics.All the other MPs were seen having a good laugh after the ‘ultimate’ comment.  Reassuring the people that the state government would be an inclusive one he said that he would work incessantly to fulfil the aspirations of each & every citizen of the state. ‘U.P will be from corruption & riots’ he assured. He concluded by saying that there are a lot of things to be done & a lot of things are yet to be banned.


Alok Shetty