Watch What Narendra Modi had Said About Sonia Gandhi 18 Years Back!

This interview of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi dates back 18 years when he was the General Secretary of the BJP. The interview focuses primarily on his views on Sonia Gandhi & the debate about the possibility of India having a foreign-origin prime minister.

India Should Have an Indian Prime Minister

Narendra Modi said that the constitution makers never foresaw the possibility that the Congress party which had raised slogans against foreigners would lift a foreigner to the helm of the party, & that is why the Constitution doesn’t have any provisions against foreigners becoming prime ministers.

He said that it is a matter of self-pride& not politics whether a country of over 1 billion people has an Indian as a prime minister or a foreigner.

Sonia Gandhi Shouldn’t be Treated Differently, Elaborates Modi

The knowledge of Narendra Modi is truly stunning, & here is another example. He says that even though the Constitution allows freedom to marry, a soldier or a diplomat in the external affairs ministry has to take permission before marrying a foreigner! And even if he/she gets that permission, then he is kept away from sensitive portfolios to safeguard the security of the nation.

If this is applicable even for a soldier, then how is it sensible to open all key files of the country to a foreign woman?

Cites Incident from Nehru’s Era

There was a clash in the Holkar family over the inheritance of wealth as the head of the family had two wives – one Indian, one foreigner. He wanted the son of his foreign wife to inherit his wealth, but Jawaharlal Nehru had officially said that only the son from the Indian wife can inherit the wealth.

So, why the extreme liberal attitude with Sonia Gandhi?

Italy Doesn’t Allow Foreigners to Contest, Why Do We?

Recalling a 1950s incident, Narendra Modi talks about a Bengali actress Sonali who married an Italian director & went to Italy. She took Italian citizenship immediately.

After 20 years of staying there, she wanted to contest an election. So, she stood for the same in a municipality poll of some city. But her nomination was cancelled because she wasn’t Italy-born.

Modi goes on to say, “If the doors are closed for Sonali in Italy, why are we hell-bent on making an Italian our prime minister?”

An Open Challenge to Sonia

Narendra Modi says that whether it’s a peon or a cameraman or a clerk, we ask every person who we hire as to what experience they have at their work. But Sonia doesn’t have any experience. She hasn’t even seen a panchayat, & doesn’t know anything about India.

He said that he’s challenged the Congress to let Sonia to step onto a platform without a paper in her hand & simply recite the names of all the states of India. He assured that a 3rd class student would be able to do so but Sonia wouldn’t!

This was definitely one of the most hard-hitting interviews of Narendra Modi, probably ever. Two things stand out when he speaks – a) he never abuses or uses foul words for any political opponent &, b) he always bases his arguments on facts. This has always been the base of his oratory, & it’s of no wonder that he stormed into power with his powerful passionate speeches!


Vinayak Jain**