Watch!!! NASA satellite images prove that Ram Sethu exists even today but there is another mystery in it

A NASA satellite passes over the shallow waters of the Indian Ocean. It sends back images of chains of largely submerged objects running between Sri Lanka and India

The more you suppress, stronger the truth will emerge. 131-year-old Congress party said that Ram Sethu doesn’t exist but now a revelation made by ‘Science Channel’ has proved like a tight slap on all those to questioned the exitance of Ram Sethu and Ramayana.

“Are the ancient Hindu myths of a land bridge connecting India and Sri Lanka true? Scientific analysis suggests they are”. This was the tweet made from the Twitter account of ‘Science Channel’.

  • A NASA satellite passes over the shallow waters of the Indian Ocean. It sends back images of chains of largely submerged objects running between Sri Lanka and India.
  • The scientists said that it looked like string of pearls between the Islands. Another scientist said that it looked like a rocky object but it looked pretty big.
  • When the satellite images were analysed deeply, the investigators found out that the line of rocks is over 30 miles long.

The investigators also said that the rocks were found exactly in the area mentioned in the Hindu book Ramayana. They further said that the bridge like structure is on the sandbar. They even stressed that the sandbar may be natural but the 30 miles long rocks on the sandbar is not natural.

What is surprising is that the objects have not been eroded away. It was also found out that the stones have been brought from faraway areas and set on top of the sandbar.

There is another mystery when the scientists investigated Ram Sethu!!!

The scientists conducted tests to calculate the date of the sandbar and the rocks (Ram Sethu) found in the ocean. What was shocking is that rocks found above the sandbar were older than the sandbar. Isn’t it stunning? “The rocks on top of the sand actually pre-date the sand. So there is more to the story”, this is how an investigator expressed his surprise.

Yes, the sandbar is just 4000 years old whereas the rocks found above the sand bar are 7000 years ago. This makes it clear that the structure found is not natural but was built by humans.

The investigators also called the construction of “Ram Sethu” as a super human achievement. Yes, this is indeed a super human achievement because it was constructed by Lord Ram and his followers.

Hinduism is based on Science!!!

“The problem with westerners is that they believe anything excelling them in history is either alien or myth.No dude it’s not,our every belief is based on science,Just wait and let science unravel the mysteries of Sanatan Dharma.Just like saraswati-sindhu civilisation, river saraswati,underwater city of Dwarka,35 sites in northern india of Mahabharata era and many more. Just let science develop and every question will be answered about indic religions.But alas we are our biggest enemies,prev. gov. tried to demolish [email protected] sir saved it”, said a Twitterati.

Dr Subramanian Swamy responded to the video saying he will visit the site soon.

A proud Hindu asked the world to stop calling Lord Ram and Ramayana as a “myth”. It was a trick of the western world to stop the influence of Hinduism by calling it as a myth.

Hansika Raj**