Watch! Nawaz Sharif was snubbed royally at the Riyadh anti-terror summit attended by Donald Trump & Saudi King

The World is now seeing Pakistan as a rogue state. Pakistan and its agents (some of them are based in India) claim that the country has been a victim of terror. The country exports terror as they are incapable of exporting anything that’s required by the world. Previous Indian governments were not ready to take on Pakistan. Pakistan also had the advantage of receiving direct support from China and indirect backing from the U.S (when Obama was the president).

But now that PM Modi is at the helm of political affairs in India & a new US president has assumed office, Pakistan is finding it hard, to convince the world that they do not fund and export terror. The world is aware that some of the most dreaded terrorists in the world belong to the terror nation. Even Osama bin laden was found in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Some Pakistani ‘scholars’ claimed that Osama had attained martyrdom.

The terrorists who top India’s most wanted list reside in Pakistan. Dawood Ibrahim lives in Karachi. Many media reports have claimed that Dawood was leading a civilian’s life in Pakistan. As some media houses put it, Pakistan has always shielded terror. 26/11 mastermind Hafiz Saeed openly makes provocative speeches against India, in Pakistan.

India has made diplomatic efforts in the past, to maintain peace with the terror nation. But, every peace keeping attempt has been brazenly turned down by the rogue state. India was in talks with the US last year, to declare Pakistan a state-sponsor of terrorism. Pakistan PM Badmash Sharif on Sunday was snubbed at the Riyadh Anti-terror summit. The Summit was attended by US President Donald Trump & the king of Saudi Arabia.

This is a clear indicator to Pakistan that their bluff has been called. The world is not going to buy Pakistan’s lies anymore. Pakistani newspaper ‘The Nation’ reported that Sharif was not allowed to speak at the event. The report also claimed that while leaders from relatively smaller nations were allowed to make their point, Pakistan was snubbed at the summit. The report claimed that the sole Muslim nuclear power had been humiliated & the Pakistani media covering the event were left embarrassed.

Sharif was not allowed to speak, as he had to speak against his own nation. Pakistan’s ‘denial mode’& ‘fake peace-loving speeches’ is not something other countries want to listen to. Donald trump made it clear that countries like India, US & China were directly affected by terrorism. Trump did not take Pakistan’s name clearly indicating that Pakistan was the perpetrator of terrorism.  The Pakistani media was not happy with the mention of India in Trump’s speech. They probably wanted President Trump to sound like Obama. It was not about being politically correct; it was about addressing the serious issue of state-sponsored terrorism.

After the ICJ blow to Pakistan, they have been showed the mirror again.



Alok Shetty