Watch! New Mayor for Mumbai is from Shiv-Sena, but loud chants of ‘Modi-Modi’ reverberates BMC!

The recently concluded Maharashtra Municipal Corporation saw a close two cornered contest between the Shiv Sena and the BJP. Both emerged as front runners in the country’s richest civic body elections. Shiv Sena nudged ahead of the BJP and emerged as the single largest party in the BMC.  A nail biting finish ensured that the Shiv Sena were still falling short of expectation.  By the time, they emerged as the single largest party the BJP had brought down the difference to a couple of seats. With no party being able to cross the hallway mark, it now seemed like a fierce battle between the BJP & Shiv Sena.

The two parties were now certain of fighting it out for the mayor’s post. The opposition & mainstream media were waiting to cash in on the untimely rift. They were now concocting facts & presenting different versions of the same story.  However,  Maharashtra C.M Devendra Fadnavis ended all speculations when he decided to call truce with their old allies and made the first move. It was the political acumen of Fadnavis that would not let PM Modi’s dynamic stature diminish.

Devendra Fadnavis made his intentions clear by not fielding any candidates for various standing committee chairmanship.  He had instructed all his corporators to work in favour of the common man. Fadnavis had already chalked out his plans. Mumbai city was to be developed under PM Modi’s vision. Prior to the elections, if the BJP had given in to Uddhav Thackeray’s demands and not parted ways, they would have failed to understand the people’s mandate.  The Shiv Sena had earlier offered just 60 seats to the BJP.

The BJP, backed by PM Modi’s vision and under the able leadership of Devendra Fadnavis was now all prepared to deliver on its own terms. PM Modi’s historic demonetisation move, which had earlier been questioned by the Uddhav Thackeray led Sena , received an overwhelming support from the masses in the state of Maharashtra, including Mumbai.

In spite of the new Mayor, Vishwanath Mahadeshwar being elected from the Sena, corporators chanted  ‘Modi-Modi’ slogans during the occasion.  PM Modi has always been a man of great character and given his humility, he is never expected to speak about the impact he has made on the people of Maharashtra & India.


Alok Shetty


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