WATCH! Nitish Kumar Makes the Boldest Speech Ever, Supports PM Narendra Modi’s Demonetization Move!

While all Nitish Kumar’s allies have been criticizing Modi’s move on demonetization and saying it’s anti people and encourages corruption, Nitish Kumar has openly come in support of his old friend and his ex-ally.

After showing his support over black money hunt on 9th November, Nitish Kumar has once again reiterated his stand in support of Narendra Modi. The Bihar CM who was addressing people in Madhubani told that he was very happy that center has taken such a tough stand against black money hoarders and he contempletely supports the move. He added “Nobody can carry away anything he hoards after death, yet people try to make money for the next seven generations. There is no pocket in the shroud for money, yet people take bribe. I don’t know why they do it and how much money they want,”.

Nitish Kumar’s stand on black money has come as a blow to Congress has they wanted to project a united opposition and claim that Modi is ambushing people with his strong decisions. Nitish Kumar since 6 months has been showing interest in his old partner NDA since his relation with Lalu Prasad and Congress doesn’t seem to be working well.

He faced a lot of credibility crisis and reputation fall after repeated attacks on journalists in Bihar, killing of BJP people and rapes. He was also under immense pressure to act against Shahabuddin, a criminal who has been charged with numerous cases of abduction, killing and corruption. Nitish Kumar’s clean image has definitely taken a hit after he joined hands with Lalu Prasad.

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