Watch! ‘No body can stop Modi, I give up, we failed’ Azam Khan openly cries in a public meeting!

The Uttar Pradesh elections witnessed one of the largest Tsu-Namos in Indian political history. Before the Uttar Pradesh Polls began, the campaigning was at its bitter best. Azam Khan was the only leader from Samajwadi Party who was confident of emerging at the forefront. Azam Khan had a lot of confidence & faith in his divisive brand of politics. Excluding Azam Khan, almost every other Samajwadi party member had given up. Akhilesh Yadav was also unaware about the result. A party which had emerged with 224 seats earlier in the 2012 election was now teaming up with an old & worn-out party. Azam Khan tried his best by conducting several rallies across the state, but not too many people were convinced.

Khan has always been known for making brazen statements. He was the first person who tried to divide the Indian Army on religious basis. He has always been one of those political leaders who have believed in spreading hate. He has often hurled abuses at opposition leaders & has never shown any remorse for his offensive & abusive statements. In one of the political rallies held in Agra, Azam Khan urged the voter to vote for the BJP instead of the BahujanSamaj Party (BSP) in the upcoming phase. The common Muslim voter seems to have taken his comments rather seriously. The BJP ended up with an overwhelming 310+ seats.

After the election results were out, Azam Khan in a Public Rally while addressing people, Khan broke out in tears & accepted defeat.

He said  “Mai Tum hari kasauti Pe Khara nahi Utar Sakunga, Mujhe Maaf Karna, Soch rahatha baccho ko Naukri denge, Rozgaar ka Intezaam Karenge”. Which means “I give up, I cant stop Modi anymore, nobody can stop Modi, we failed, please excuse us”.



Alok Shetty