Watch! This one BrahMos Missile will end China’s bullying forever!

The BrahMos is a short-range ramjet supersonic cruise missile that can be launched from submarines, ships, aircrafts or land. It is a joint venture between Russian federation’s NPO Mashinostroeyenia and India’s DRDO (Defence Research & Development Organization), who have together formed BrahMos Aerospace. The name BrahMos is a portmanteau word formed from Indian River ‘Brahmaputra’ and Russian river ‘Moskva.’

BrahMos has the potential to successfully scare off all neighbouring threats that India faces from China. Jointly developed by India & Russia, this missile is too fast even for most advanced radars to catch. It can travel few feet above ocean surface, move artfully through mountains or fly several Km high up in the sky. In 1 second BrahMos travels at 1 Km and its accuracy is down to the last centimeter. What it can do with explosives and nukes can be imagined.

India can already launch these missiles from land, air & water. A squadron with BrahMos in the arsenal was recently placed in North-east India. Missiles with our pilots have a range of 300 Km. they still have the potential to strike any Chinese military establishment near border but to fend off china so that it doesn’t even think of any misadventure at the border in case India meddles with CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) too much (which India will) so that we have the capability to hit big Chinese cities.

The recently successfully tested supersonic BrahMos Cruise Missile has an extended range of 450 km from the current 290 Km range. The new extended range missile is on par with its predecessor when it comes to precision strike capability. India is further planning to develop and test a new version of the BrahMos that can strike as far as 800 Km, deep into Chinese territory. The little ‘bully’ if left in China, will disappear in thin air as soon as Brahmos achieves the 1500 km range.

The Indian Scientists have been working on developing the BrahMos now. These projects have been going on since years, but the current Modi Government has given priority to these projects &is making sure that they are undertaken with seriousness. Eventually, the goal of the Government is to develop super powerful weapons that can be used by our defence forces, so that we can take on mighty opponents.


Alok Shetty


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