Watch! Open kissing festival in JNU, Delhi University and Jadavpur University!

JN university is one which has turned into a hub for anti national activities with students of the leftist wing openly supporting terrorism. Last year in the month of February, these same students organized the Afzal Guru event supporting a terrorist who was involved in the 2001 Parliament attack.

These terror supporters in the name of freedom of Speech and expression and human rights activists speak for terrorists, Maoists and naxals who are attacking innocents in the name of jihad.

The Leftist students recently organized an event called kiss of love, which they claimed to be a support for victims of army brutality and against Hindu culture. This was an event organised to support the Azadi gang indirectly. They transformed an educational institute into a live Pub with people kissing every strangers.

Many students who did not agree with the event complained to the management that it was embarrassing and disgusting to watch such event in an educational institute. Some parents who had arrived to meet their children termed the event shameful and walked away from the campus. It was literally a filth in the University.

After JNU conducted this event, the Delhi University and Jadavpur University in Kolkata which had earlier supported Yakub Menon and Afzal Guru also organized the same event and contaminated the entire environment.

This is not the first time JNU is involved in such disgusting events, but its a habit for most left students.

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Aishwarya S