Watch! When Pakistan begged to save them from the mighty Indian Army

Pakistan started the war against India. They have never won a battle against India. The Indian Army is too strong for the Pakistani terrorists & army. Pakistan’s reputation of claiming victory after every defeat is known to all, but what many don’t know is that Pakistan has openly admitted that they were afraid of India in the UN session of 1965.

The person seen speaking in the video is Zulfiqur Ali Bhutto (4th President & 9th PM of Pakistan). He is seen pleading in the video. Bhutto was seen making a request to the Indian Government to not wage a war with its neighbouring country.

Bhutto was later hanged in his own country. He was the founder of the Pakistan People Party and served as its chairman until his execution. His daughter Benazir Bhutto was the 11th Prime Minister & first woman to head the state. The Pakistani leader is seen comparing India to powerful nations like the US, Brazil, Germany & France. Bhutto expresses Pakistan’s desire to survive the wrath of India & its formidable army. He goes on to say – “We want to live. We want the Pakistani people to live.”

Pakistan had claimed in its history books that it won the 1965 war. Students in Pakistan knowingly study wrong history.



Tony Joseph


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