WATCH! What Had Pakistan Promised USA About Islamic Terrorism…..Reveals Ajit Doval!

Ajit Doval, one of the finest strategic experts of India, who is also National Security Advisor (NSA) has been throwing light on several issues. With regard to Afghanistan, Mr. Doval explains how USA and Pakistan had a deal.

He asks “what is the deal, what is the deal between USA and Pakistan?”

He says, “When in 2001, Operation endurance was launched by US, it made two different offers to India and Pakistan.  It told India that you are the biggest democracy. We need your help. You are the biggest stakeholders, biggest army, and biggest economy in the region. Please stand by us and support us. We told them that you go ahead in Afghanistan and we stand by you. They went to Pakistan and said you are supporting Talibans. If you do not stop it and cooperate with us, we will pop you to stone age.” This is how both the countries co-operated with USA in its operation in Afghanistan!

The important thing to notice here is the tone with which one of the strongest countries of the world approached both the countries. The respect it gave for India shows how much important India is in the region.

However, Mr. Doval explains how USA backstabbed India by helping Pakistan. He says, “US kept on weaponinsing them, kept on giving money, kept on giving superior equipments, transferring the technology and 10bn dollars from 2001 to 2008. It reached 15bn dollars by 2015.”  

Later, Obama announced that US will quit Afghanistan and the discussion started from Turkey and then in London. Everybody was invited except India. They then said that India was not the stakeholder. The major reason behind this act by USA was Pakistan didn’t want India to be part of the Afghanistan peace negotiations. Because, India was involved in constructive works in Afghanistan like building dams, university, schools, hospitals, roads etc. and Pak was playing a double game by providing weapons to terrorist groups like Haqani network and on the other side it cooperated with US.

Pakistan wanted to put Taliban in power.

Pakistan always wanted utilize the America’s request to take base in Pakistan to destroy Taliban in Afghan. “The deal was, Pakistan will underwrite that there will be no western targets on them and west will be made safe from Islamic terrorism. West will not ask questions about two things….What is the internal governance in Pakistan, why is Islam cruel to women, why is Islam cruel to children?!

Secondly, west will not question Pakistan for what they will use the covert apparatus, equipment and man power  which they have built over the years and which are the new Cities, jehadi gang will operate in?!

Ajit Doval explains the role of India in total strategic scenario in the world for which he takes the reference of Bhagavad Gita and redefines the aspects explained in it to the present context. He explains the quote said by Lord Krishna, “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” as “My mother earth is my motherland. “Universalism and nationalism do not go together. Let us not confuse ourselves.”

He continues, “You cannot kill an enemy without defining him first.”

“Our aim should be universal brotherhood must be made a reality. Everything that comes against it must be destroyed. First remove the adharm. It is only to establish the rule of righteousness and universal brother hood and that is why we have to fight and win.”


Akshara Damle

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