Watch How Patriotic Girl Thrashes Those “Indians” Supporting Pakistanis!

Kajal, you gave a mind blowing speech on Youtube. It is not only inspiring, but also educating. The thought provoking questions that you have put at the end of the video are really worth pondering. The people should understand their responsibility for this country and should not waste their time in blaming Prime Minister Narendra Modi for everything!
The issue Kajal has raised has been discussed by many people and people differ in their opinion. However, once we hear to her, one will not talk in favour of Pakistani artistes and the Indians supporting them.
Yes, after Uri attack incident, the rage among people towards Pakistani artistes has increased multiple times and they were given an ultimatum to leave India within 48 hours! However, they are still staying in India and our own people, especially some stalwarts of Bollywood are supporting them and showing their rational perspective to the people. They do not understand that it is not the time to be rational but to keep the country first rather than anything else.
None of the Pakistani artistes who are earning huge money in Bollywood industry have criticized Uri attack. They have simply kept silent and continue to stay in this country. Kajal shows the hypocrisy of these people. For example, Fawad Afzal Khan, a Pakistani based artiste, was shocked and saddened when there was a terrorist attack on Paris. No offense. We do appreciate their human concern. But what happens to their fingers to tweet or voices to raise against the terrorist attack on India?

Aamir Khan, the Mr. perfect, has been imperfect and terribly wrong in the recent times. He and his wife are ready to flee from India because of the level of intolerance! He doesn’t seem to have noticed the sacrifice of our brave soldiers in Uri. But he mourns deeply for Peshawar attack!
Again, no offense. However the question is where is this human concern when India is attacked?
Shahrukh Khan is seen making charity shows to raise funds when there is flood in Pakistan! He has a special preference for Pakistani players in IPL! He has been bringing many Pakistani artistes in his movies. Whether there is any scarcity of talents in India? Don’t we have better actors and actresses in India waiting for their break in Bollywood? Despite the fact, what is the need for appeasing Pakistani artistes?
Sonu Nigam too went on a wrong track to show his rationality. True, culture plays a major role in soft diplomacy and it is one of the important aspects which will bridge the gap between countries. But one should be aware of the situation. India cannot go for a soft diplomacy when Pakistan is attacking our defense bases and killing our soldiers! We can’t sing bollywood songs and dance bhangra or garbha with them! Just after three days after the Uri incident, where 18 Indian soldiers had lost their lives, Sonu Nigam did a show with Atif, a Pakistani artiste, to show how artistes from conflicting countries can put up a great show!


What else we call it other than heights of stupidity? Didn’t he know that some of the martyrs’ body had still not reached their respective houses and all their family members were in deep grief? That means Sonu doesn’t have empathy for the widows and family members of those soldiers. He is crazy for popularity and money! Otherwise he would not have done the show in the first case and would never have tweeted like that!
The film producer and director Karan Johar had also given a statement saying artistes are not terrorists and Bollywood will always welcome talents from Pakistan. But your poor education does not allow you to think that these artistes are paying their taxes to Pakistan and not India. Whatever the income that they generate in India will also be taxed in Pakistan and the government which collects these taxes is promoting terror in India! So indirectly, artistes are promoting terrorism! The worst thing ever is, in the name of art, we pay them to beat us from other side!
Those people who support Pakistani artistes are that idiots and hypocrites, who do not understand simple things and try to show that they are big intellectuals and think beyond the borders! The countrymen are not that patient to tolerate your rants and encourage your films! Country is first and individual is next. If India is not there, then there is no bollywood and money and also no stalwart status for you all. Hope you understand these things in this simple language. If not, you will be getting special classes.
Mind it!
Watch Kajal’s video here

Akshara Damle