Watch!!! PM Modi’s video before Godhra riots is going viral, where hidden agenda of few were revealed

Indians can never forget the Godhra where 59 innocent Hindu Karsevaks were burnt by few religious fanatics. Later on, when the investigation proceeded, it was clear that the fanatics belonged to a certain political and religious groups. Yet, PM Modi is been targetted to date even though the court has given clean chit to PM Modi.

What is present in the video? How PM Narendra Modi ripped off Muslim politicians who wanted to Islamise the nation?

Prime Minister Modi was then Chief Minister of the Gujarat state is seen explaining that Muslims (Not Islam) have a political roadmap and have divided the world into three parts. The three roadmaps are:

  • Dar-ul-Aman
  • Dar-ul-Harab
  • Dar-ul-Islam

What is Dar-ul-Aman?

Darul Aman means land of peace. This policy will be implemented in two places. Firstly, where Islam had spread and has its deep roots. Secondly, where Islam is unable to do anything as it doesn’t have its strong influence.

What is Dar-ul-Harab?

Darul Harab means a state of conflict. This strategy is implemented wherever Islam is in the state of posing a conflict.

What is Dar-ul-Islam?

The third one is Dar-ul Islam, which aims at converting the entire world into an Islamic world.

PM Modi further added that few political activists who belong to Islam are using this agenda.

The video was recorded in September 2001, 5 months before the 2002 Godhra riots!


What just after this explosive agenda was revealed by PM  Modi?

When Mr Narendra Modi said this hidden agenda of few Muslims, the nation mocked at him saying he is a communal Hindu. But the world witnessed the barbaric act of few religious fanatics just months after this agenda was revealed by PM Modi.

On 27th February 2002, A train carrying people (Karsevaks) returning from Ayodhya was made to stop at or nearby Godhra station and the train was “Sabarmati Express”. A large Mob of Muslims were already at the Godhra station who started to jeer Hindu’s in the train. Then a group of about 10-15 people poured 200 litres of petrol in two particular bogies of the train which had the Hindu Karsevaks returning from Ayodhya and set it on fire. Their cruelty did not stop there, they ensured that no Karsevak would come out of the train and the mob which had gathered at the station pelted stone and petrol bombs on the two burning bogies of the train so that the people burning inside cannot come outside to save themselves. All this happened in 15 mins. Their cruelty left 59 Karsevaks burnt to the extent that their face wasn’t recognisable. “Pakistan Zindabad”, “Hindustan Murdabad” and “Hindu Kafiro ko Jala dalo”, i.e. burn the Hindu unbelievers, was the statement heard through loudspeakers when the Hindus were burning in the train.

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Not just this, the attackers were having direct links with the Congress party. But the pseudo-liberals and seculars attacked and haunted PM Modi and the peace-loving Hindus for the violence. Godhra town was a hub of communal violence as there was regular violence. 1947, 1952, 1959, 1961, 1965, 1967, 1972, 1974, 1980, 1983, 1989, 1990 and in 1992, these were the years when Godhra witnessed communal violence but the seculars can remember only 2002 as the state was ruled by Mr Narendra Modi at that particular point of time.

Ananya Sharma