WATCH!!! Rahul Gandhi insults National Song! Asks to cut short the song into an one liner

In a shocking incident, the Congress party president Rahul Gandhi has insulted the National Song “Vande Mataram” while he was on the election campaign in Karnataka. A video is viral on the social media which clearly shows Rahul Gandhi asking the Karnataka state chief KC Venugopal to cut short the Vande Mataram.

Yes, Rahul Gandhi was so intolerant towards the national song that he wanted to cut short Vande Mataram into a one-liner. The video clearly shows how KC Venugopal is requesting Rahul Gandhi to stand up to the national song. While this shameful event took place, the stage had senior Congress leaders including Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.

WATCH!!! Rahul Gandhi insults “National Song”

“Doesn’t Rahul Gandhi have time for the national song?” questioned BJP IT cell head Amit Malviya. It is really shameful to see such a lethargic behaviour from a person who wants to be the next Prime Minister of India in the coming years. Today, he has insulted the national anthem and tomorrow, he might even insult country’s some other pride.

Rahul Gandhi needs to answer these 3 questions?

  • Mr Rahul Gandhi, does being the Congress president give you the power to disrespect the National Song of India?
  • You might have heard that “Vande Mataram” was the not just a song but a weapon that had frightened the British. So, isn’t this an insult done to the freedom fighters of India?
  • Is it true that you disrespected “Vande Mataram” as it is sung by RSS Karyakarthas? Your hate for RSS and Modi government dragged you to the apogee of disrespecting the national song?

But the Congress, as usual, began to defend Rahul Gandhi by saying that the “video circulated by BJP is fake”. But the BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra slammed the Congress by saying that the video has been aired by a television channel and that the BJP has nothing to do with creating or doctoring the video. Dr Patra added that the Congress has been blaming BJP for “everything”.

Karnataka BJP attacked both Rahul Gandhi and his great-grandfather by saying,

  • In 1937, Nehru dropped last 3 stanzas of the Vande Mataram just to pacify Jinnah who said the song irks the Muslims
  • Today, Rahul Gandhi asked to cut it to just one line, reminding us of INC’s total disregard for the song
  • Do we need more reasons for Congress Muktha Bharath? Shame on you, Rahul Gandhi.

A twitterati slammed Rahul Gandhi saying,

  • It’s such a disgrace, It’s not a filmy song to say it in one line. School kids stand and show respect when the national song is played!

Another Twitterati said,

  • He is not ready to stand as well, KC Venugopal had to nudge him to stand up, this is the sort of respect Congress has for the Nation and it’s National song.

Earlier in the day, Rahul Gandhi had released the party manifesto for the Karnataka elections and said that “We released the Congress Manifesto for Karnataka earlier today. It captures the “Mann Ki Baat” of the people of Karnataka and makes very specific commitments that we intend to deliver on, including creating 1 Cr. new jobs over the next 5 yrs. #NavaKarnatakaManifesto”.

The promise to create 1 crore job seems like another hollow promise by Rahul Gandhi because even after ruling for 5 years since 2013, there is no significant growth in the job sector. Even after launching the manifesto, RSS didn’t forget to spew venom against RSS as he said “BJP manifesto won’t be the manifesto of the people of Karnataka, it will be that of the RSS”.

Hansika Raj