WATCH!!! Rahul Gandhi insults the Muslim community! Removes the skull cap immediately in the Iftar Party held by the Congress

A person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods is called an Atheist. But what can Rahul Gandhi be called? He changes his religion every now and then. During the 2017 Gujarat elections, Indians came to know that Rahul Gandhi, who eats all kind of non-vegetarian food, was an alleged Hindu, that too a janeu dhari Brahmin.

But during the Karnataka elections, Indians were again confused after they saw this alleged Brahmin in another version. But now, he has done a biggest insult to the Muslim community during the month of Ramzan.

Rahul Gandhi removes the Muslim skull cap in just 10 minutes in the Iftar party!

The Iftar party that was held on Wednesday had grabbed the attention of the nation. Indians were curious to know whether former President Pranab Mukherjee would be invited or not. There was even reports that Pranab Da would not be invited for the Iftar party as he had visited the RSS headquarters.

But to everyone’s surprises, he was invited but it was not well digested by Rahul Gandhi’s ally Asaduddin Owaisi as he called Rahul Gandhi a hypocrite and stated “Rahul Gandhi hosts Iftar party; puts down Muslim cap in few second. Give a Speech at RSS Head Office, praise it’s Founder and comfortably come to Janedharu Iftar party and if my party contest elections will be called communal and what not but inviting and sharing a table with Pranab  Mukherjee is “normal, acceptable “Hypocrisy of Highest orders”.

But Rahul Gandhi who earned the “hypocrite” tag from Owaisi, had hurt the Muslim’s sentiments.
Reports said that a Taqiyah (a Muslim cap) was offered by a supporter to Rahul Gandhi which the Congress president removed from his head even before the supporter could thank the leader for accepting his gift.

WATCH!!! Rahul Gandhi removes the skull cap within seconds after wearing it

This incident has completely exposed Rahul Gandhi’s hypocrisy. He is doing this just because assembly elections are soon approaching in 4 states including Rajasthan, Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. If Rahul Gandhi once again gets tagged that he is pro-Muslim, then it will be a difficult task to fool the Hindus once again. That’s why he immediately removed the skull cap. This the reality of the so-called pro-minority secular party of India.

However he didn’t have any guilt of insulting the Muslims as he shared the Iftar picture of twitter and stated,

  • Good food, friendly faces and great conversation make for a memorable Iftar! We were honoured to have two former Presidents, Pranab Da and Smt Pratibha Patil ji join us, along with leaders from different political parties, the media, diplomats and many old & new friends.

Rahul Gandhi’s party was saying that they are running short of funds, now they have hoisted a royal Iftar party! So who gave the hefty amount?

  • It’s “bizarre”, a party facing a serious cash crunch hosting a grandiose feast in a 5-star hotel. Body language of Pranab Da and Smt Pratibha send a telling message: They’re going through a torture in all this rigmarole. Mansarovar promise conveniently forgotten! What a Bluffer!

Hansika Raj


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