Watch!!! Rahul Gandhi’s friend Jignesh Mevani makes fun of Dr Ambedkar, Says no need of following Ambedkar

It was the Congress party that had insulted the “Father of Indian Constitution” decades back, but using this eminent personality in the election rallies, the Dalits were tricked and were made to vote for the Congress party. Now, the scion of Gandhi dynasty i.e. Rahul Gandhi’s close aide who has close links with terrorist had insulted Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar. The man who has insulted Dr Ambedkar is none other than the pseudo-leader Jignesh Mevani.

What is surprising is that the Congress party which claims to be pro-Dalits have not even condemned the statement made by this pseudo leader, which makes it clear that Congress isn’t really believing in the principles of Dr B R Ambedkar.

A video that has emerged in which Jignesh Mevani is seen insulting Dalit icons including Dr BR Ambedkar. In the video, Jignesh Mevani clearly says that his view is totally different from that of Dr Ambedkar.

Watch!!! Jignesh Mevani poking fun at Mayawati and Baba Bhimrao Ambedkar for their inclusive politics

“Jignesh Mevani is no representative of Dalits. Look at how he’s poking fun at Mayawati and Baba Bhimrao Ambedkar for their inclusive politics. He’s basically an anarchist who wants to destabilize India by inciting Hindus against each other. He’s more dangerous than terrorists”. This is how TV pan Sonam Mahajan exposed the man who had provoked the people to burn down Maharashtra in the name of caste.

How can he call himself as a Dalit leader?

While campaigning in Gujarat, Jignesh Mevani projected him as staunch followers of every principle of Dr BR Ambedkar. But as soon as the election got over and he won the MLA seat in Gujarat with terror sympathizers’ fund, this man has totally dumped the Dalit community and its leader.

Today, he said his views are different to that of Dr Ambedkar. This indicates that he wants the Dalits not to travel in the footsteps of Dr BR Ambedkar.

Dr Ambedkar wanted to save Hinduism but Jignesh want to destroy Hinduism!

It should also be noted that even though Dr Ambedkar converted to Buddhism from Hinduism, he never wanted to embrace Islam and Christianity. Several Muslim and Christian leaders tried to lure Dr BR Ambedkar with money and other offers but Dr Ambedkar clearly denied as he didn’t want Indians to embrace a foreign religion. In the views of Dr Ambedkar, joining Buddhism was fine as it was another branch of Hinduism.

But today, Mewani and gang are not at all following what Dr Ambedkar wanted. Jignesh Mevani is openly provoking Dalits to oppose various other castes of Hinduism.

Why did Dr Ambedkar hate Muslim invaders?

The Muslim invaders, no doubt, came to India singing a hymn of hate against the Hindus. … Its (Islam’s) growth is so thick in Northern India that the remnants of Hindu and Buddhist culture are just shrubs. Even the Sikh axe could not fell this oak. Sikhs, no doubt, became the political masters of Northern India, but they did not gain back Northern India to that spiritual and cultural unity by which it was bound to the rest of India before Hsuan Tsang.” This was written by Dr Ambedkar in his book “Pakistan or the Partition of India”.

Did Dr Ambedkar criticise Islam?Answer is Yes!

“The existence of these evils among Muslims is distressing enough. But far more distressing is the fact that there is no organized movement of social reform among the Muslamans of India on a scale sufficient to bring about their eradication. The Hindus have their social evils. But there is this relieving feature about them – namely, that some of them are conscious of their existence and a few of them are actively agitating for their removal. The Muslims, on the other hand, do not realize that they are evils and consequently do not agitate for their removal. Indeed, they oppose any change in their existing practices.”

The statement of Jignesh Mevani was severely condemned!

“Jignesh Mevani thinks everyone other than him is NO good – whether it is Dr Ambedkar, Manyawar Kanshiram or even Behenji… Insulting Dalit icons? Communists have brainwashed him to hate everyone except mullahs…”

A Hindu lost his life due to Mevani’s riots, but he wants PM Modi to answer!

“Gujarat MLA Jignesh Mevani goes to Pune, asks people to forget elections and fight street battles resulting in the death of Rahul Pathangade & today he demands that PM Narendra Modi must explain why violence happened post his (Mevani ‘s) speech in Pune”.

Ananya Sharma


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