WATCH, Rahul Gandhi’s Singapore blunder continues! Until when will the Congress spoon feed this man even though the nation is sick of him?

Yesterday Congress president Rahul Gandhi on the foreign land insulted the nation. He supported China and Pakistan and spit venom for that country for which he represents himself as a Prime Ministerial candidate. Such type of people who can’t bring glory to their nation, how can they even dream to be a part of our nation and Prime- ministerialship is too far. This has become a normal routine for Congress party to disgrace the nation on foreign lands either it be any of their leader or their president.

But what Congress is taking so long to understand or I should say Congress doesn’t want to understand about India is clearly understood by the people all over the world. So it didn’t take much long and party president was slapped hard back by an author for what his party has done in India and how India performed well as soon as his party lost power. The insult Rahul Gandhi made to our nation was paid him back with his own insult. He was blabbering nervously on this question.

But the poor Congress as always was not able to digest this insult of their president and party and uploaded fake video of the whole discussion and again humiliated the nation in front of everyone. For falsely advertising their president Congress showed a sequence of events that did not occur.

I don’t understand why Congress is not able to accept this fact, why they are not able to understand that their President is worth nothing. He always make fun of himself and whole nation in front of everyone. Whenever he opens his mouth, from that particular minute everyone in the nation knows he is now going to speak something stupid. Then why the Congress is not accepting the fact.

For how long Congress will be doing fake propagandas and spending money to boost his cartoon figure. One day they had to accept this reality. Why a mother(Sonia Gandhi) can’t understand his son and why is she pushing back and back his son in the same well. She is pressurising the life of his son.

It’s even disgrace for the nation what they are doing. When Congress Party posted that fake video they were thrashed by the person back who has confronted Rahul Gandhi. He blamed that just for upbringing the image of their politician they are posting this false video and falsifying my image that I will not let happen. So he warned the Congress party that either they should withdraw that video or they should be ready to face the prosecution in Singapore’s Court.

This is the true version of the video. The reality is that he was really fumbled up by all questions asked in the interview and he was throwing questions back instead of providing any answers.

Not only this infact during the whole conversation  Rahul Gandhi had made fun of himself.The way Rahul Gandhi answers back is infact moment of laughter for anyone.

Here are some of the glimpses of his conversation that you will surely enjoy.

America has power, Japan has power. In connected world that is problematic..- Because everyone is connected so your power is my power.God knows what he is trying to say!!!!

Infact when another person asks him about their contribution in 70 years to India and why Khadi  Gram is missing from success story. You mentioned Maruti, Amul but why you forget to tell nation about Khadi? Why is it because Khadi is Desi and moreover he slammed Rahul Gandhi on every thing that Rahul even forget the question.

This is Mr Gandhi’s hilarious view on transforming health sector…

and many more…..

Congress always stoops such low in their all outgoings not only in the country but outside the country also. They are really a shame to a nation. They always keep on suppressing the facts and reality and they are very well known for this intermixing not in video infact at every place, every event of the nation. With this intermixing only they had destroyed our nation always. They are to be severely punished for all of their bad deeds that they should never be able to forget.