WATCH! What is Rahul Gandhi’s Sole Qualification??? Listen to What Arnab and Devendra Fadnavis Said!

There are certain qualities and qualification one has to hold to attain certain positions in any field.  It might be either through education or performance. But few are fortunate enough to get into higher positions through family background!
Recently in a candid discussion,Arnab and Fadnavis who have reached to top levels in their respective fields through their qualities and performances were discussing on the concept of dynasty!
Arnab Goswami, a renowned journalist and a popular figure for his slogan “nation wants to know” among English news viewers, who is also going to start a new channel with the name ‘ said “you know one thing I don’t like is the concept of dynasty. Whose son or daughter are you! A matter of right, a sense of entitlement.”
He went on to say that he wants to end the concept of dynasty in the industry he is working in, the media.
Later he asked, Devendra Fadnavis, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, about his opinion about dynasty in politics. Fadnavis echoed Arnab’s view and said “in politics, people elect their representatives! Being son or daughter of someone should not be a disqualification. But it should not be the sole qualification.”
As soon as dynasty politics comes into picture, one person can’t be resisted to be brought in, Mr Rahul Gandhi. When Arnab asked if Rahul has become a leader because of his dynasty, Fadnavis said it clearly, “I think, the sole qualification for Rahul Gandhi is that he belongs to Gandhi Nehru family.”

Akshara Damle