Watch how Raveena Tandon slammed the journalist who questioned the use of word RAM in her movie!

Journalism is a beautiful career as long as you are not biased and project the right information to common man, of late there is an Anti-Hindu obsession among journalists and this obsession seems to be sky rocketing after BJP lead NDA came to power decimating the pseudo secular and communist forces in the country, we have seen many journalists in the country who have chosen the  career of defaming and degrading Hindutva on the global arena by either questioning the practice of the religion or by targeting Hindu organization and Hindu leaders and we just could not do anything however post PM Modi came to power the Hindus in the nation seems to have been awakening the pride of their Hindu identity and are trying now shutting the mouth of pseudo secular forces be it in the media or in the politics, here is one such incident where a pseudo secular female journalist tried to relate Lord Ram to feminism in a movie promotion event, The female journalist questioned Raveena Tandon about inclusion of “Apne Andar Ke Ram Ko Jagana Padega” in the movie.

A motivational statement in the movie to awake people to fight against the corrupt. However the use of word “Ram” doesn’t seem to have gone too well with the pseudo journalist and she seemed very uncomfortable about female worshiping a ‘Male God”. It’s unfortunate that some sick minded disgusting journalists cannot even stop themselves from poking their nose on anything and everything related to Hinduism.


However this journalist was shown her place and was given the apt answer by Raveena Tandon. Raveena also told the journalist to stop their imaginative narratives and understand the context in which the sentence was used.

Tasleem Ibrahim


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