Watch! Read the most systematic analysis of Kejriwal’s Pakistan connection!

They dared flaunt a cover photo on their Official Website of an Indian Map with its shining Crown Kashmir cut off! It was their Donations Page! And Pakistan saw a Hope in Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). Donations started flooding in from Pakistan!

When AAP won 28 seats out of 70 in the State Assembly Elections in 2013, the Pakistani Media’s (Dawn) jubilation for AAP was like a mom beaming with pride, considering the way it ignored BJP’s bigger win with 32 seats. Watch the video of Pakistan’s exhilaration at AAP win as a blow to Hinduism and Nationalism in India!  The way Pakistani Media and Politicians spew venom at PM Modi assures us of one thing…Not all Political leaders in India are the darlings of Pakistan! And thank God for that!

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif reciprocated to Kejriwal’s love for Pakistan by supporting him in 2014 Elections. Kejriwal owes his Political Debut to Pakistan and many Anti-India NGOs which funded and campaigned for him day in day out! Pakistanis came forward with generous donations with the hope that Kejriwal will turn India into Islamic Country.

Read the FB post exposing Anti-India Separatists and Terrorists calling out to Pakistanis to donate AAP liberally. One person called Qayyam calls Kejriwal a Messiah for Muslims and Jaichand of new era who will rewrite the history by initiating second phase of Islamization in India.

It was Kejriwal who had got the painting of Bharat Mata removed from the backdrop of Anna Hazare’s platform at IAC dias in Delhi’s Ramlila grounds in order to garner the support of Imam Bukhari and anti-India Islamists.

This global funding by anti-national forces had established Kejriwal in electoral mode. Paid Media created ruckus over Fake Church attacks to paint BJP as Communal. And Kejriwal was shrewd to assess how to woo Delhites. He offered them freebies left and right! Free WiFi, Free Water, Free Electricity..Free …Free…Free! He captured a big chunk of votes by hinting leniency to babus. Delhites were hooked big time! Delhi was captured! Thanks to those 54% Delhites who placed an anti-national Paki Stooge on such an influential post for the lure of freebies!

And they lived happily ever after! Kejriwal’s love-story with Pakistan continued. Nawaz Sharif invited Kejriwal to discuss over Kashmir Issue! Sharif found a ‘Hope’ in Kejriwal, a non-performing TwitterCM of Delhi in resolving Kashmir Issue to their satisfaction! After all, AAP party was promising through Prashant Bhushan a Plebiscite in Kashmir, by calling Kashmiri people to decide on whether or not should Indian army be deployed in Kashmir.

When India was grieving for our martyred soldiers in condemnable Uri Attack, the whole world was standing in solidarity with us and against Terrorism. MEA Sushma Swaraj’s address at UNGA exposed Pakistan threadbare.  Vexed at the plight of Pakistan, Kejriwal blurted out his support to them uncontrollably!

And when Pakistan was broken by the Surgical Strike of our Indian Army, Pak-premi Kejriwal did the most heinous act of showing his solidarity with Pakistan. He unashamedly questioned on the authenticity of surgical strike. His nasty act got him huge positive publicity in Pakistan.

People of Pakistan displayed their gratitude for Kejriwal for siding with them in such crucial times. Their tag #PakStandsWithKejriwal trended at top thanking him for standing with Pakistan against India.

Remember who gave tough competition to Mamata Banerjee in nonsensical ranting against Demonetization? Pak’s very own Kejriwal! After all Pakistan suffered equally due to Demonetization. The disruption in smooth Hawala funding in hard cash of big denominations caused by Demonetization was unpardonable. Kejriwal screeched to his best ability against Demonetization, clearing even toddlers’ myth about him as a corruption crusader.

Kejriwal’s love for Pakistan and hate for Hindus is time-tested and eternal….For better, for worse….to love and to cherish….till death do them part!!!


Jyothi Suparna Chincholi