Watch! Saudi Energy Minister reveals how PM Modi met him more than thrice to protect Indians from increasing fuel price

The opposition parties, paid media and all those who have targeted Prime Minister Modi on the rising oil prices and ranted at him for not doing anything must have shame after listening to what Saudi Arabia Energy Minister have said

Saudi Arabia Energy Minister Khalid A. Al- Falih when during an event was asked question about US President Donald Trump role in rising crude prices he not only stated US President role but specifically mentioned Prime Minister Modi and lauded his efforts in cooling down global crude prices. He stated that PM Modi’s persuasion is an important factor in getting prices of crude oil down.

While speaking to reporters on developments at the crucial OPEC (Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries)  meeting that is being held in Vienna, Austria the Saudi minister said that the Prime Minister of India has put forth “very very strong” views in defence and for the protection of the Indian consumer, against global crude oil prices soaring over multiple conversations both in India and abroad.

The Saudi Arabia Minister was asked about the US President Donald Trump’s warnings to OPEC (Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries) against cutting oil production and thereby causing prices to increase again to which the Chairman of state-owned Saudi Aramco — the world’s largest oil producing company  replied

“Well, President Trump is the President of the largest consuming country in the globe: 21 million (barrels), I believe, or thereabouts. That’s 20% of global markets if not more. And the consumer in the US, just like the consumer in France, just like the consumer in India, just like the consumer in Saudi Arabia, wants affordable energy.”

“So, he (Trump) has every right to wish for affordability for the citizens of the United States and he is very vocal using his favorite communication tool which is Twitter and we hear him and we take his views seriously.”

Bu he also stated about PM Modi’s efforts which was not even asked from him. Citing PM Modi’s contribution he said “But we also take the views of Prime Minister Modi who is equally vocal. We just met with him in Buenos Aires and privately he made those points of view very, very strongly that he does care for Indian consumers. I have seen him 3 times in India at various energy events in India where he was also very vocal.”

This is a tight slap on the face of Indian opposition parties which had always attacked the Modi government ceaselessly and even tried to force numerous ‘Bharat Bandhs’ during the months of September and October when fuel rates were high and the Rupee had weakened against the Dollar,both of which depends on many external factors and for which even PM Modi Government is not responsible PM Modi was blamed by the opposition. But still our PM tried his best to do whatever he can for protecting the Indians from rising fuel prices

Source : Republic World