WATCH! This Scene of Narendra Modi’s Mother Will Bring Tears in Your Eyes!

Three days back, Rahul Gandhi came in a luxury car costing over 75 lakhs with over 20 body guards and 5-6 SUVs to draw a cash of Rs 4000. He posed as though he is doing a favour to the country and said he wants to share the pain of people. But in real, he disturbed more than 500 people who were standing in the queue for over 3 hours.

But here is a lady who is 94 years old, comes with no body guards, no luxury treatment and stands in the queue just like one of the common man and gets her notes exchanged. Yes, she is Heeraben, none other than the mother of Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi.

The 94 year old mother cannot walk, she uses a wheel chair, doesn’t demand any facility nor she asks for any special treatment even though she is the mother of the Prime Minister of India. Probably this is what people appreciate about Narendra Modi’s family.

Not once, have they misused their position, not once have they wish to come to limelight. But there are few politicians in our country who think India belong to them just because their family occupied power once upon a time. Politicians should realize that they are also citizens of this country just like 1.25 billion others and they are not GOD! They should understand that they do not own this country because father or grandfather belongs to elite group or lutyen’s club. They are sitting in the chair as a representative of people and not as the KING or QUEEN.

People like Rahul Gandhi who is called the so called “Prince” may be a Price to Sonia Gandhi but not to the country. Sonia Gandhi may be a QUEEN in Congress party but not to the country! Soon they realize the better chance they have of survival in politics and in India.

Today anybody would feel happy and proud to see the country’s Prime Minister’s mother still lives as a commoner and not with the pride of power.

Aishwarya S