Watch! Scientist capture photograph of soul leaving the body, you will be shocked to see the video!

  1. what happens to people after they are dead??

Yes, this is the question which every scientist would want to know. In Hinduism it is believed that every person has a soul and it keeps taking rebirths after death until it finally attains moksha. But many people do not believe their exists soul as there is no evidence to show that soul exists. But what if the evidence is shown in a video?

According to Dr. Konstantin G. Korotkov, a Russian scientist, the soul does exist and he has evidence showing that there is something beyond death. He has in fact photographed the soul leaving the body and also quantified chakras.

In the nineties, Konstantin Korotkov, a professor at The St. Petersburg Federal University of Informational Technologies, Optics, and Mechanics in Russia, had created something very interesting… Konstantin had created a device he named GVC, which works on the concept of Chinese system of energy meridians. It measures the bio-energy that all living organisms give off through a non invasive, painless evaluation.

In this technique, a small electric device is connected to a finger and takes less than a milli second to send signals. So when these electrical signals are passed through the body, our body responds with an ‘electron cloud’ made up of light photons. This glow can be captured with an optical CCD camera system and then translated onto a computer.

Each sect of the finger indicates the functioning of different organs in the body.  A computer program was developed which shows the signals and projects the figure of the body and places a type of auric cloud around it that is in correspondence with each chakra. This methods also corresponds to the Ayurvedic treatment, where in each finger connects to the different organs and the body system.

The body has 7 main energy points, Konstantin took this idea and applied it to his technology.

In the above figure, the different coloured balls represent different chakras in the body. Each chakra requires different energy mentally, physically and emotionally for its proper functioning. So the farther the chakra is from the centre, it requires more specific working. This automatically translates into physical  functioning.

For example if throat chakra is off, that can mean you need to work on speak up. Korotkov also used a type of Kirlian photography to explain exactly how the soul leaves the body after death.  He says that there is a blue life force which can be seen leaving the body.  He says the navel and the head are the first parts of us to lose their life force and the heart and groin are the last.

He also gives a comparison with people who die violently or unexpected death saying that they would experience a state of confusion and their consciousness doesn’t realise they are dead. He says that this method is used by many doctors to treat cancer patients.

Many doctors now believe that the illness starts from the emotional disruption before it become physically illness and visible.

Watch this amazing video!

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