Watch! These shameless people wear Pakistani jersey, sing Pakistan National Anthem in India but our law takes no action!

The first question we need to ask is, do we really have any law and rules that are functional?? Because it feels like in India you can shout Pro Pakistani slogans, raise their flags shout anti India slogans and even go to another extent of proudly holding ISIS flags and no one will question you or arrest you!

Yes, this is the real fact and current situation in India. This time its not so called mislead youths who have done such shameless act, but a Kashmiri Cricket club boys have wore Pakistani Jersey and sang “Pak Sarzamin Shah bad” which is the Pakistani National Anthem.

As per reports, the match was held at the Wayil grounds in Ganderbal on April 2 – separatists had called for a hartal that day to protest against PM Narendra Modi’s visit to Jammu and Kashmir for the Chenani-Nashri tunnel. The team that wore the Pakistani green is named after Baba Darya Ud Din, a popular saint whose shrine is situated in Ganderbal.

InUth reports that prior to the start of the match, the commentator announced through loudspeakers that Pakistani national anthem would be played before the match as a ‘mark of respect’.

“We wanted our team to look different and also wanted to show fellow Kashmiris that we haven’t forgotten Kashmir issue, so we found this particular theme as most appropriate and catchy,” InUth quoted a player as saying.

If it was in any other country, they would have been thrown in jail for life by now, but this is Secular India and so we have to tolerate such bloody nonsense! Why the hell are these people living in India if they love Pakistan… they can take all benefits in the name of minority and then stab India joining hands with terrorists and separatists???

Such people should be either kicked out of the country or thrown into jail for breaking the constitutional framework of the country.

They live in India, eat our food, drink our water and go fall on Pakistan’s feet! We do not care on whose feet they fall, they are free to wash the legs of Hafiz Saeed or clean his house with their tongue, but let them get out of India and accept any terrorist as their leader or GOD!

Watch how these shameless people are signing Pak National Anthem on Indian soil!!!

Aishwarya S


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