Watch the shocking video how Raees actress Mahira Khan insults Bollywood and India!

She is set to make her Bollywood debut opposite SRK in Raees this month after she says Pakistan should not be inspired by India at all. We are Pakistani and we are not Bollywood!!!

SRK’s next mega release Raees is scheduled for a release, on the Republic Day weekend. Ironically, the movie is loaded with many controversies-considering its anti-India sentiment. There have been many eyebrows raised on the alleged character played by King Khan, in his new don avatar.

Postcard team had earlier reported that the story is based on Abdul Latif, who was a notorious underworld criminal. Latif, in real life was allegedly responsible for teaming up with Dawood Ibrahim and also, for introducing Islamic terrorism in Gujarat. However; the producers of the film have given no serious reaction to this allegation.

Has The Movie ‘Raees’ Turned An ‘Underworld’ Don Into a Glamours ‘Hero’ ???

If glorification of an underworld don was not enough, SRK and the team had also mentioned in a press conference that we will bring down Mahira Khan (the female protagonist in Raees), to promote the movie in India. They had to later withdraw their plan, following protests.

This is the time, when the common sentiment of Indian citizens is to not watch Pakistan artist on Indian celluloid. We know many popular artists like Fawad Khan and Ali Zafar, have left the country. This has not been done on any political request; but on the behest of the general public.

If we remember correctly, these popular artists were unapologetic about what their nation has done. And now, we know exactly why. Watch this shocking video of Mahira Khan and you will know it better.

In this video, Mahira Khan tells her Pakistan anchor (during an interview in 2011), that we must never be inspired by India because we are not Bollywood. The anchor then says that there was a Pakistani filmmaker, who was so much into Bollywood that when his father died he cremated the dead man. The audience, anchor, and Mahira are all part of this presumably funny joke; laughing it out on the most sensitive ritual of India.

After being offered the film, she is saying that it’s a dream come true for me.

Now, what do we make of this hypocrisy?

Pooja Bhatia