WATCH the Shocking Video…What Sasikala is Doing to Tamil Nadu Politics?!

Power struggle has begun in Tamil Nadu. It was a similar situation when MGR died in 1987, but with a small difference. After MG Ramachandran, Jayalalitha was accepted as his successor by the people of Tamil Nadu. Even most of the party members had accepted them. But Janaki Ramachandran, the wife of MGR, started claiming the top position in the party. This had led to breaking of the party into two factions, one led by Jayalalitha and another by Janaki Ramachandran.

After the demise of Ms. J Jayalalitha, most of the party men had accepted the leadership of Ms. Sasikala, the confidante of Jayalalitha. Though once upon a time, she was running a video tape shop, she had rose to a virtual power of running the state by being with Jayalalitha. It was also said that it was Sasikala who decided O Panneerselvam to be the next Chief Minister. Her powerful position in the party was evident when the MLAs of AIADMK were seen falling on legs of Sasikala following Jayalalitha.

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However, a family member of Jayalalitha has started claiming that she is the right person to succeed Jayalalitha’s legacy. Deepa, niece of the late Chief Minister J Jayalalitha has come into the main forum.  She said “I want to follow in the footsteps of my aunt Jaya. I was extremely close to her.”

Deepa alleged that she was not allowed to visit her aunt when she was in hospital. She also raised her voice against barring her from performing last rites for her aunt and it was her brother Deepak who performed the last rites.

Deepa attacked Sasikala by saying, “ Sasikala is afraid that I will gain popularity as Jayalalitha’s heir. I have the backing of the people Sasikala has to contest elections and prove herself.”

However, the party has denied Deepa’s claims. “Jayalalitha was never close to Deepa. She didn’t go for her marriage” said CR Saraswathi, AIADMK leader. Since Deepa is not getting party support, probably it will be her futile exercise to rise into power. It is not easy to tackle Ms. Sasikala who has network across the State. Now it is interesting to see what happens in the power centre of Tamil Nadu.

Akshara Damle

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