Watch! Siddaramaiah embarrasses Congress badly, dosses off during important election rally!

While the entire Congress is making a huge drama questioning PM Modi’s achievements, they have forgotten their own leaders are embarrassing the Congress party one after the other. While Rahul Gandhi has made a joke of his speeches in every other rally in Karnataka, Their Chief Minister candidate Siddaramaiah on the other hand has taken the embarrassment to another level by sleeping on the stage during an elections rally.

The video of Siddaramaiah sleeping during an election rally which emerged today is going viral in all platforms. Siddaramaiah who is well known for his sleeping habits in public platforms earned the name Nidrammaiah the every first year he became the Chief Minister of Karnataka 5 years back. Since then he has been accused of showing least responsibility in the public function and sleeping in presence of dignitaries from India and abroad. But the Congress had jumped into damage control saying that Siddaramaiah has sleep disorder and that is what makes him sleep without his knowledge. But this theory was rejected by many Congress insiders saying that Siddaramaiah did not have any problem relating to sleep disorder.

For few months, Siddaramaiah was cautious and avoided sleeping in public platforms. But now, Siddaramaiah has gone back to his old habits and embarrassed the Congress in the crucial time. With just 10 days to go for elections, Siddaramaiah has displayed how disinterested he is in the election campaign by sleeping on the stage during an election rally in Kalaburgi which happens to be the constituency of Mallikajun Kharge.

In the video you can see Siddaramaiah completely dozing off until he is woken up by his colleague sitting next to him. But the funny part is, Siddaramaiah goes back to sleep again even after he is woken up. The video is being circulated on all platforms which has caused major embarrassment for the Congress before the elections.

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