Watch! What was Sonia Gandhi doing from 1963-1968, Subramanian Swamy reveals the shocking truth!

Subramanian Swamy is one man who speaks with no prejudice about anyone anytime. He is brutally frank which is not liked by many people. But he doesn’t make statements to gain media attention or impress anyone but speaks what is truth.

He has many times before revealed untold stories about Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi which most people don’t even dare to speak about. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi have been hiding themselves behind the names GANDHI and have insulated themselves from all scrutiny. From decades this family has misused their power and position for all criminal activities and still remained in power. Dr Swamy who was a very good friend of Rajiv Gandhi had seen Sonia from close quarters and he knew every details of her connections and background.

Dr Swamy had himself revealed how the Late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had expressed her displeasure and apprehensions about Sonia Gandhi before she married Rajiv Gandhi.

Dr Swamy in one of the talks had revealed what was Sonia Gandhi working as before she married to Rajiv Gandhi. He particularly raised this issue when many Congress leaders and Mani Shankar Iyer had mocked Narendra Modi of being a Chaiwala and can never be the Prime Minister of India, to which Swamy had rebutted daring the Congress members to reveal what was Sonia Gandhi doing before she came to India.

Watch his daring reply!


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