Watch! The most powerful force of the world protects Prime Minister Modi…Know more about them!

We very well know what is the level of threat the country’s Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi faces each day. There  are numerous terror agencies and anti social elements who have targeted Mr Modi since long. Even while he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, he faced huge threat due to which he had black commandos guarding him.

After he became the Prime Minister, the threat level has increased many times, especially the terror groups of Pakistan have relentlessly planned many attacks on Prime Minister Modi. But the credit of protecting the Prime Minister of the country goes to the Special Protection Group (SPG) security.

The Special Protection Group are the ones who protect him 24/7, they are always with the PM and takes care of him in every aspect. They are not just the body guards of PM, but his most trusted people who take care of his health, food and overall well being. They do not just guard the PM of the country, but also provide security to their immediate family members.

The SPG came into being on 8 April 1985 when Dr. S. Subramaniam, then Joint Director (VIP Security) in the Intelligence Bureau assumed office. Creation of the SPG required an elaborate exercise in order to clearly delineate responsibility of various agencies concerned with the security of the Prime Minister.

Indian Special Protection Group is one of the most powerful and dangerous security guards in the world.  The organisation is headed by IG and sometimes Director General rank. They are assisted by number of Deputy Directors, Assistant Directors, Joint Assistant Directors who are responsible for the security of the Prime Minister.

Watch how SPG protected PM Modi when he tumbled!

The SPG has 4 wings which include:

Operations: Looks after the actual protection duties. In the Operations Branch, there are components like the Communications Wing, Technical Wing and Transport Wing.

Training: Deals with the training of personnel on a continuous basis.

Intelligence and Tours: Threat assessment, internal intelligence pertaining to personnel, verification of character and antecedents, tours and other allied jobs.

Administration: Deals with personnel, finance, procurement and other related matters.

The SPG security guards undergo high training in anti terror operations, hand combats and martial arts. They are equipped with most powerful weapons like FN Herstal F2000, FN Herstal Five-seven, Glock 17, Glock 19, FN Herstal P90.

A 5.56x45mm NATO caliber, Belgium-made rifle is the weapon of choice for this agency. This 3.5kg rifle fires 850 rounds per minute and has an effective range of 500m. They comprise ring round teams, isolation cordons, the sterile zone, and the rostrum & access control to the person or members of his immediate family. There are 7 security zones before one could reach the Prime Minister.  This is purely a defensive force for which protection of the VIP is more important than taking down the attacker.

SPG commandos use tactical eye wear which provides them protection against splinters and a ballistic shield to prevent any distraction from foreign objects. Agency procures light weight and high grade bulletproof vests categorized as level-3 Kevlar. These specialized vests weighing over 2.2 kgs can withstand a 7.62- caliber bullet fired from 10m from an AK-47 which can be considered an impressive capability. Further special knee and elbow pads along with non-skid combat boots are part of the gear.

So these people’s only objective is to protect the Prime Minister of the country and their family members from any sort of threat internal or external.

Aishwarya S