Watch! Sri Sri Ravishankar exposes Bollywood for thier hypocrisy!

In this video, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar talks about Bollywood, idol worship, & other important issues related to society. He was asked about the significance of idol worship in society & how Bollywood shows it in bad light.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar gave a very elaborate reply –

“Imagine a society without sculptures & idols, there would be no way of knowing how people looked in the past. If there was no Michelangelo or Ravi Varma then the world would be such a dull place. Without music & dance the world would be dull.

These people (Bollywood) who attack the culture & tradition of the society systematically are into some mischief. You cannot label all ashrams as bad, & that all temples loot people’s money.

But what do these actors do? They sneeze twice in an ad & take away crores of rupees. This they use for drinking & partying. This money is the hard-earned money of the public. These actors talk about ethics, but in their personal lives most of them follow no ethics.

Festivals like Dahi Handi & Holi are beautiful festivals. People enjoy them. But still they are targeted. The trend today is to take up religion & beat it up. This is all done with an ulterior motive.

Look at how Bollywood portrays Hinduism – anyone wearing tilak is a villain. Religion is portrayed in a bad light so that young people move away from it. When these people move away they become susceptible to evils like drugs. It is religion that stops them from moving towards drugs & alcohol. People who visit worship places & are of a religious-bent do not indulge in such vices.

The alcohol industry, drugs industry & Bollywood work in sync. Once the youth stops visiting temples & moves away from religion because of what is shown in movies, they can be lead to taking drugs.

Art of Living went to the Supreme Court & banned typewriter correction fluid (TCF) which was used in whiteners as children used to sniff it & get high.

Bollywood is destroying the religious fabric of society. Many of them are funded by the likes of Dawood. Generalisation is never good, that’s why I say some actors work with ulterior motives, not all.”

Sri Sri hit the nail on the head. Bollywood has steoreotyped Hinduism. Pravachans mislead people, but if you want to fulfil a mannat you go to a dargah. Repeatedly movies disgrace Hinduism, the most blatant one was Aamir Khan’s PK. It is time Hindus let go of this entertainment & send a message to the movie industry that belittling of Hinduism will not be tolerated.

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Vinayak Jain